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There are 8 reviews for 'Asdivine Cross'.

Uninvented says:
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Immediately became a Fave Despite Any Irritating Factors

I absolutely love this game; and I have played it a few times. It has replay value, and it has many hours of gameplay. The post-game content is like another game in itself.

As already written in another review, the post-game is dum-dee-dum since you have to repeat the entire story before you get to the juicy new stuff. You keep everything you earned, (except Arena achievements). Because of that, the enemies are just a nuisance to have to battle since they are no challenge. Fortunately, you’re able to earn items from the Arena to improve that experience. You can earn equipment that increases the chance of Metal mons appearing. You can also “attract” enemies to help Quests go by quicker. Post-game does offer perks such as speeding up text you already saw in the previous play-through. Quite a few new areas unlock. They are fun and challenging. The new areas add a whole new dimension, depth, and feel to the game.

Cross is a classic-style RPG with turn-based combat, leveling-up, and grinding. The story has a linear design, but as the game progresses and you gain more travel options, you are able to explore other areas as you choose. That feature is what adds to the ability of this game being re-playable. There is never any question about what-to-do-next; and the world is open to explore.

The dialogue is the only real complaint I have about this game. Much of the dialogue propels the game forward and adds to character development. However, there is too much dialogue that is unnecessarily long, juvenile, extraneous, inappropriate, and redundant- sometimes to the point where it becomes just too much and too annoying.

Throughout the game, we learn, and feel, many of the emotions of the three main ladies. Their background stories are well-written and poignant. For Harvey, the exact opposite is true, even though I found him to be the most likable and lovable character. The ending with Harvey and Olivia is the most realistic and acceptable. The other endings were silly and childlike in some ways. Some dialogue is tear-jerking. (Maybe because I’m a sappy girl.) Some dialogue is incredibly funny. For a game to cause that gamut of emotion for a player, that proves the writing style and ability to improve the game’s dialogue exist. It should have been that style all the way through the game. Since some of the dialogue is shallow, it is like the storyline is written by two totally different people. In summ, I have love-hate feelings for the dialogue.

Weapon crafting and amalgamation are always winners with me. In Cross, we get to amalgamate some really strong weapons into unfathomably stronger ones. The strong weapons are perfect for bonus events and areas. But for storyline gameplay, those weapons make your team OP to the point of becoming boring. When that occurs, every enemy presents little-to-no challenge, and you one-shot the final boss.

  • Learnable Skills that are Convenient & Powerful
  • Unique Character Personalities
  • Linear with Some Optional Freestyle Gameplay
  • Post-game Play & Plot Twists
  • Lengthy & Replayable. Worth the Purchase Price.
  • Annoying/Superfluous Dialogue

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