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There are 8 reviews for 'Asdivine Cross'.

Jesusalva says:
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inkwarrior saved this game

Or rather, his post on Forum about Fairyland grinding did.

======== First Impression
Originally I hated this game, because Trust Charge is dependent on Harvey (the only male hero), and because you only have 9 BG, and mostly because my low level. (Protip: Forget you can set encounter to half, unless you’ve the premium version.)

======== Comments After Playing
But after starting anew, following the tips and walkthroughs here, this is in overall a pretty cool game. In fact, most of it was because on Fairyland I got level 53 (you know, battle shortcut is a great thing to have…) and because I got a Rune Sword – so Harvey killed Void elemental monsters without a sweat.

It’s Asdivine, and in fact, if you’re seeking for something very different than Asdivine Dios or Menace, you’re looking at the wrong place. But if you liked Dios and Menace, you ought to like this one too.

New Game+ is required for reaching True End, however, as the only thing which is reset are chests (so I got to open the same chests twice!!), you should be back at the place where normal and true end diverges within very few hours.

I do have one complaint, though: Some maps are enraging. While most maps are well-drawn, and there’s a huge diversity for gameplay (like minecarts puzzles, and such), when going from a place to another, sometimes, you’re forced to revisit a dungeon – and this does not happens only once. In fact, walking on the same dungeon, doing the same path, back and forth, to progress on main story is what took a star off Gameplay.

======== Rating Summary
Already explained about gameplay above, I simply got sick walking back and forth the same dungeon. No problems with controls, they were easy to use (but finding a couple of chests was walkthrough-only), story is well written/presented, and I like battles on Asdivine. And while I didn’t like having only 9 skill points available for each character, I probably wouldn’t use magic in battles without it, so it was a smart gameplay move, which made more difficult fights interesting.

======== Monetary Worth
I would consider buying the premium version of this game.

  • Asdivine, simply put
  • Some dungeons

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