Battle Arena (Optional)

Written by MSG Commander


This page and the one on Fairyland Grinding are completely optional! You don't have to do any of this to complete the story; however, doing them both now will make the rest of the game much easier (and possibly more fun.)

Additionally, the remainder of this walkthrough is written from the perspective of one who did grind to about level 140, so if you don't grind here, you'll have to come up with your own Boss strategies.

If you'd prefer to just get on with the story, you can skip straight to the Shadow Shrine.

If you've done the Fairyland Grinding, this is the perfect time to do the Battle Arena. (Since your levels are probably somewhere in the 120-140 range, you should be able to Auto every battle in here, though you may want to learn some of the enemy's skills first.)

Fighting in the Arena

The Battle Arena is split into four "cups" - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Maid, but the Maid Cup won't open up until you've completed Gold.

The Maid Cup will still be a challenge, but if you use the spells and skills you learned in Fairyland, it should be manageable. (If not, you can always come back to it later.)

Each cup has 3 difficulties - Easy, Normal, and Hard. You must win the first cup, on the first difficulty setting, in order to proceed through the ranks. (i.e., beat Bronze Easy to unlock Bronze Normal, beat Bronze Normal to unlock Bronze Hard, beat Bronze Hard to unlock Silver Easy, and so on.)

The Team Battles for each difficulty within the same cup are the same, but on Normal and Hard, you'll start the battle with different status or parameter effects, to make it more challenging. Also, the rewards for each difficulty are different.

Note: If you want to learn the enemies' skills be sure to use Lucile's Call + Hit Me on her first turn. (You may also need to have everyone else Guard for a a turn or two, so you don't kill all the enemies too quickly.) When it comes to Lucile's turn to attack, I recommend using some of the spells you learned in Fairyland, like Thermal Strike, Flame Wall, and Ice Wall.

Earning Guild Coins

The fastest way to earn Guild Coins at this point is to continually challenge the Gold Hard Cup. The reward for this cup is 220 Guild Coins, but you get an additional 54 coins between the rewards for the 1st and 2nd rounds, which means you'll earn 274 Coins in total each time you complete this Cup.

You'll want to earn at least 600 Guild Coins here, and buy one Heavy Jewel and one Attract Jewel. (The Heavy Jewel will let you get the treasures that are behind arrow tiles. The Attract Jewel gives you an encounter with each step, so it's only really needed if you plan on doing more grinding, later in the game.)

In addition, if you want to unlock the "random" team battles in the arena, you'll need another 800 Coins for the Interrupt Jewel. So to buy all of these Jewels, you'll have to do the Gold Hard Cup roughly 5 or 6 times, which should take you less than 10 minutes.

You don't have to do all this right now, but if you want those particular Jewels, then this is as good a time as any.

When you're done here (or if you're skipping this part altogether), your next location is the Shadow Shrine.

Learnable Skills

(All lists include the "Random" battles. In order to unlock these battles you must equip the Interrupt Jewel, which can be bought at the Exchange.)

Bronze Cup

No. Name Skills
283 Sandy Lobster Bubble Shock, Ice Shot, Reflect Guard
58 Copper Squid Swat, Heavy Swing, Tentacle
142 Highwayman Honcho Shadow Pin, Quicken Down
225 Muscle Orc Heavy Swing, Miracle Body
224 Muscle Box Swat, Miracle Body, Yell
3 Adamantine Turtle Dynamite Kick, Miracle Body
105 Forest Golem Swat, Stomp
106 Forest Mare Ram, Wind Storm
107 Forest Mycelia Tentacle, Terra Touch, Poison Field

Silver Cup

No. Name Skills
307 Stalker Ogre Slash
310 Storm Sauria Slash, Armor Break
290 Shadow Knight Slash, Double Slash, Charge, Death Slash
298 Silver Brandisher Slash, Double Slash, Delta Formation
51 Chunky Boar Ram, Hurl
75 Doe-a-Deer Rage, Roar
38 Butterfly Sylph Slap, Air Shot, Yell
160 Jade Chelonia Ram, Bite, Weapon Break, Armor Break
284 Seafire Kraken Tentacle, Coil, Confusion Wave
87 Emperor Penguin Ice Shot, Ice Wall

Gold Cup

No. Name Skills
193 Mad Wingnut HP Absorb, Bite
220 Mossy Golem Swat, Stomp
186 Luminia Chimera Heavy Swing, Weapon Break, Inferno, Ablation, Northern Light
71 Despair Matango Bioshock, Biohazard, Countdown
22 Black Box Transform, Countdown All, Mini Big Bang, Inhibit
110 Fury Chimera Double Claw, Scratch, Poison Field, Confusion Wave, Biohazard

Maid Cup

No. Name Skills
170 Komodo Hatchling Chomp, Scratch, Mini Breath
171 Komodo Lizard Chomp, Scratch, Dragon Breath
277 Rose of Death Slap, Flame Wall, Northern Light, Rock-a-Bye
299 Slumber Sylph Slap, Eternal Song, Wind Storm, Sleep Horror
96 Felix Double Claw, Scratch, Rage, White Out, Contradiction Wave, Treatment, World End, Full Guard
94 Family Pack Treatment, Cyclone, White Out
271 Regular Pack Bite, Chomp, Northern Light
321 Value Pack Flame Wall, Ice Wall, Wind Storm, Southern Light
322 Variety Pack Scratch, Double Claw, Meteor, Contradiction Wave