Claris Shrine

Written by MSG Commander


To reach Claris Shrine, you need to land in the grassy area east of the shrine and then walk through the forest.

Get the treasure on the first screen, then, if you've got a Heavy Jewel, go through exit B and get the two treasures on that screen.

Now go through exit A to fight the Guardian and get the Light Crystal.

Boss Battle

Sunrise Knight

Sunrise Knight

  • 9885EXP/75SP/14,100G
  • Drop: INT Seed

Learnable Skills

Heavy Swing, Light Thunder, Benevolence, Paralysis Wave

Have Lucile use Call + Hit Me, and everyone else use their strongest skills.

I used Amelia's Virgin Fist, Olivia's Shadow Blessing, and Harvey's Concentrated Slash.

On Olivia's second turn, use Shadow Flare (since the boss is Light-based) and have Amelia and Harvey use whatever you want.

One or two of Lucile's Thermal Strike should finish him off.

After the battle, Lucile and Harvey stabilize the crystal, and then Amelia says to go back to Luminia and talk to the Ministers.

So, back to Luminia Castle you go.

The Search for the Second Crystal

At Luminia Castle, the Ministers say they haven't found anything yet, so Olivia suggests you check with King Oscar.

Then, all the girls get in a big fight and abandon you.

Now, you have to find each of the girls, and convince them to continue their journey.


You'll find Lucile in one of the rooms north of the castle entrance, and Amelia in her bedroom. Olivia is in the chapel.

To get each girl back in your party, you need to talk to Amelia, then Lucile, then Olivia.

Once everyone's back together, go back to the throne room and talk to Camilla.

The Ministers were unable to find anything in the books here, so now you need to go back to Tenebrant and check with King Oscar. The king says that Prince Laird is working on deciphering the ancient text, and he should have some information for you tomorrow, and then he invites you to spend the night at the Inn.

Go to the Inn, watch the short scene, and then the game cuts to Free Time.

Free Time

For Amelia, choose " airhead."
For Lucile, choose " about diving off a cliff?"
For Olivia, choose "...Well, we're family, too."

(P.S. Olivia is inside the Inn on the main floor.)

When you're done, rest for the night and then go back to the throne room. Prince Laird tells you the second crystal is in Lantanoi Shrine, so that's your next destination.

Map and treasure list by Searinox119

Claris Shrine


  • T1 - Economizer Jewel
  • T2 - Billy Club +46 (INT 20%, Fatigue 26%, Swoon 12%, HP Regen 10%)
  • T3 - Charge Matter x2

Heavy Jewel Required:

  • T4 - Triple Jewel
  • T5 - Dancing Sword +78 (Gnome 30%, Rage 30%, Critical 32%)

Learnable Skills

(The enemies on the way to Claris Shrine are the same as the ones in the Lantanoi Shrine Vicinity)

No. Name Skills
99 Fighter Penguin Slash, Vanity
112 Ghillie Bi-Nuclei HP Absorb, Poison Sphere
244 Painted Pup Scratch, BG Absorb, Countdown
290 Shadow Knight Slash, Double Slash, Charge, Death Slash