Written by MSG Commander


This is it - the final dungeon.

When you enter, there's a short scene with the Creation Deities, then the fun (?) begins.

Get all the treasure on the first screen, then unlock the barrier and take the exit.

Use the Recovery point on the second screen, then walk south for a Boss battle.

Boss Battle


Red-Eyed Puffin

  • 92,208EXP/150SP/52,440G
  • Drop: Attribute Jewel a

Learnable Skills

Terra Touch, BG Absorb, Focal Tachyon, Blind Horror, Roar, Saint Breath

Red-Eyed Puffin uses Saint Breath, which causes him to auto-revive (though with only a fraction of max HP), so to win this battle, you will have to kill the boss twice.

Have Lucile use Call + Hit Me, then have Harvey use Deca-Shaft and Amelia use Virgin Fist. Olivia's HP digits were low for me on this battle, so I used her Scarlet Requiem.

On Lucile's second turn, use Thermal Strike, then uses everyone's magic (I prefer Magma Raid, but just about anything will do.)

The hardest part of this battle is that Red-Eyed Puffin can occasionally cause paralysis, confusion, and virus on all your party members, but a little Cure All can fix that right up. (Or if you really need to, you can use a Maid's Tincture to fully heal everyone and remove all status ailments.)

This battle takes kind of a long time, but if you watch everyone's health (and status), you should be alright.

Once the battle's over, get the remaining treasure here and then take the exit to the third screen.

On the third screen, take the south exit to a screen with a couple of treasures, then come back and enjoy the craziness that is the third screen map.

When you've cleared most of this screen, there's a scene where Olivia speculates about the true nature of Asdivine. After the dialogue, take the secret passages to the west and to the east to get more treasure, then take the one to the north. Get the rest of the treasure, then take the exit to the next screen (nothing but good times here...)

Now you're on the final screen. Get the two treasures here, then go north for the final Boss battle.

Boss Battle


Creation Deity Nullus, Enigma, Veritus

  • 0EXP/0SP/0G
  • Drop: None

Learnable Skills

  • Creation Deity Nullus: Double Slash, Weapon Break, Charge All, Dark Inferno, Self-Destruct, Rejection, Benediction
  • Enigma: Countdown, Terra Touch, Inferno, Hurl, Reinforce
  • Veritas: Tentacle, BG Absorb, Contradiction, Reflect, Benevolence

This battle will take a long time, even if you did do the Fairyland Grinding, so make sure you have a good 30 minutes or more to devote to this battle and the closing scene that follows it.

Just like the fight with the Light Deity, Nullus' guardians start with Countdown, and if they die (either by Countdown or by your attacks) they self-destruct and deal major damage to your party. So, try to avoid hitting them, and aim to kill Nullus before their Countdown reaches zero.

(Plus, after they die, Nullus casts Self-Destruct, which is guaranteed to kill everyone but Lucile - if she's using Hit Me; otherwise you'll all die. He also revives his guardians, with a brand new Countdown, so really, try not to let them die.)

Nullus also uses Dark Inferno, which will set everyone's HP/MP to 1, so you may need to use some Maid's Tinctures in this battle (which will kill Lucile if she uses Call + Hit Me, so you'll have to weigh the benefits of using that combo for this particular battle.)

Also, he may use Rejection, which sets the guardians Countdown time to 1 - so if he does, make sure everyone's HP is full - and if possible, try to get in a Tempest Cross or Concentrated Slash before the guardians explode (you might kill them with one of those attacks, but they're gonna die on their next turn anyway.)

Start with Lucile's Call + Hit Me, or Thermal Strike.

Then have Harvey use Deca-Shaft on Nullus, and Amelia use Virgin Fist and Olivia, Scarlet Requiem.

For magic, I recommend Heavenly Visitation, White Sphere, Shadow Lightning, or Black Sphere.

You may have a couple of party members get hit with Countdown. If so, just revive them as soon as you can.

(You may also want to use some Heal All 3, on turns that Lucile is not subject to Hit Me.)

If you plan on using a lot of Thermal Strike, you'll also need to have someone feed the occasional Magic Pudding to Lucile.

Once you finally do win this battle, that's it for the story part of the game, so sit back and enjoy the closing scene.

Then, when you're ready, be sure to check out the Bonus Material for the game!

Map and treasure list by Searinox119



  • T1 - Quintuple Jewel
  • T2 - Co-op Jewel
  • T3 - Diamond Robe
  • T4 - Diamond Dress
  • T5 - Diamond Dress
  • T6 - Diamond Scale
  • T7 - Magic Key
  • T8 - Shadow Sword +60 (SP 60% Sleep 60%)
  • T9 - STR Seed x4
  • T10 - Strength+ Jewel
  • T11 - Skill Doubler Jewel
  • T12 - Counter Jewel
  • T13 - Luxury Rod +28 (EXP 40% Gold 40%)
  • T14 - Gold Bag
  • T15 - Luck Tablet x10
  • T16 - Skill Saver Jewel
  • T17 - Mighty Salt x4
  • T18 - Boss Baghnak +40 (STR 50% HP Regen 50%)
  • T19 - Serrated Scythe +36 (Swoon 15% Virus 50%)
  • T20 - Attribute Jewel a
  • T21 - Gamble Jewel
  • T22 - Delete Fossil x5
  • T23 - SP Bag x2
  • T24 - Target Jewel
  • T25 - Lodestone (L)
  • T26 - Preemptive Jewel
  • T27 - Tray Gem
  • T28 - HP Seed x4
  • T29 - Next Jewel
  • T30 - Rare Jewel
  • T31 - Parameter Down Jewel

Heavy Jewel Reguired:

  • T32 - Experience Bag

Learnable Skills


No. Name Skills
8 Angry Pup Double Claw, BG Absorb, Countdown
9 Apple Muncher Scratch, Yell, Treatment
15 Astral Lynx Chomp, Slash
67 Dark Warlock Shadow Flame, Attack Down, MP Absorb
70 Demoness Flower MP Absorb, Paralysis Stinger, Scramble Hit
78 Dullahan Slash, Double Slash, Charge, Death Slash
88 Enigma Countdown, Terra Touch, Inferno, Hurl, Reinforce
113 Giant Boar Double Claw, Headbutt, Proto Tail, Roar Rage
136 Hades Dragon Hurl, Murderous Grudge, Mini Big Bang, Blizzard Breath
140 Hare Penguin Miracle Slap, Quicken, Dynamite Kick
154 Imperial Stallion Ram, Dynamite Kick, Sudden Descent
260 Prince Feather Tail Scratch, Slash, Yell
297 Shining Flora HP Absorb, Coil
324 Veritas Tentacle, BG Absorb, Contradiction, Reflect, Benevolence
340 Yellow Tri-Nuclei Poison Sphere, Phospholipase