Fairyland Grinding (Optional)

Written by MSG Commander


This page and the one on the Battle Arena are completely optional! You don't have to do any of this to complete the story; however, doing them both now will make the rest of the game much easier (and possibly more fun.)

Additionally, the remainder of this walkthrough is written from the perspective of one who did grind to about level 140, so if you don't grind here, you'll have to come up with your own Boss strategies.

If you'd prefer to just get on with the story, you can skip straight to the Shadow Shrine.

Using this method to reach level 100 can take a good 45 minutes to an hour, and even then it depends on a lot of luck. It will only work on the times that you get a preemptive strike, and even then you might still lose a battle here and there.

Even so, this is an effective way to level to 100 or so, if you're willing to put in the effort.

If you'd rather wait until you have the airship and a few more Jewels (and better weapon effects), it is a bit more reliable. But if you don't want to wait, you can make use of this strategy now; you just have to be patient.

Now that you have the boat, you can explore some of the unmarked areas on the World Map (places that have enemies, but are never "marked" with the name of the location.)

Some of these areas won't be accessible until you have the airship, and in others the enemies will still be too quick or too overpowered. However, by using the following strategy in Fairyland, you can easily grind to level 100-120, which will make the rest of the game much easier.

1. "Teach" Bad Prayer to Lucile.

(Have Amelia use it on Lucile one time in battle so she can learn it.) This is vital! If Amelia is not level 30, you will have to grind, or wait, until she is. Without Bad Prayer, this strategy will not work.

Cirlce = Naihmee Village. X = Fairyland

2. Sail your boat to the northeast continent (just above Tenebrant City) and go to Naihmee Village.

Here, you need to get the Preemptive Jewel in the cave in the northwest corner. (You can also get the Cooldowner in the same cave, and you might as well also get the Luck Tablets in the northeast corner of town, since you're already here.)

You can also buy better armor here, though it won't make any difference in Fairyland (but it will help as far as the main story is concerned.)

3. Set up your party in the following order:

Set Lucile as your party Leader, in the front row. Put everyone else in the back row.

Give Lucile the Lucky Mitten and the Counter Jewel. Upgrade the Lucky Mitten to raise Critical and Paralysis as high as you can (and Delete the HP Recovery, as it will cause damage to Lucile when you use her Hit Me skill.)

Give Harvey the Broad Sword and the Titan Jewel. Upgrade each of the Broad Sword's effects (Virus, Gnome, Swoon, and Critical) as high as you can.

Give Amelia the Lengthy Rod and the Rare Jewel. Upgrade Confusion on her Lengthy Rod as high as you can.

Give Olivia the Cooldowner and the Preemptive Jewel. Upgrade her Steal effect as high as you can (though, she may not have opportunity to use it in these battles.)

-- You can give the Preemptive Jewel to anyone, as long as you make sure Lucile still has the Counter Jewel.

4. Sail to Fairyland (the very small island east of the Hideout).

Set the game difficulty to Expert and encounter rate to Double.

Now, walk around until you get a battle that gives you a preemptive strike. (This part might take awhile, but without the preemptive, you will lose, so if you don't get it just press your tablet's back button and return to the Title, then select Continue to reload where you just were.)

Once you get a preemptive strike, use the following strategy to win every battle:

On Lucile's first turn, use Call + Hit Me.

On Amelia's first turn, use Bad Prayer. If the enemies are arranged in more than one column, just choose one of them.

Have Harvey use his normal attack, and have Olivia attack, or use Skill Pass to transfer all her BG to Amelia (so Amelia can use Bad Prayer again on her second turn).

On Lucile's second turn, use Bad Prayer on another column. (Likewise with Amelia's second turn, if the battle lasts that long.)

IF the battle lasts long enough for Lucile to get a third turn - make sure you use Call + Hit Me on that turn or you will all die.

5. Check the drops you receive

When you get weapon drops from the enemies, check the effects.

I was extremely lucky and got a Rune Baghnak (Lucile's weapon) with a Countdown of 98. That, coupled with the Counter Jewel, practically guarantees that every enemy Lucile attacks for the remainder of the game will get hit with Countdown.

Final Note

If you stay in Fairyland long enough to reach level 100, your next encounter (whether it be here or elsewhere in the game) will have a Bonus Box, which will give you 10 Experience Trunks. Using one Experience Trunk in battle gives you 500,000 bonus EXP (1,000,000 if you have the Experience Orb.)

You can use more than one in the same battle, or you can spread them out over multiple encounters. (Heck, you can even leave Fairyland, and use them in regular encounters, which actually is what I would recommend at this point, unless for some reason you just have to grind beyond level 100.)

Either way, when you're done here, the next stop should be (but doesn't have to be) the Battle Arena.

Enemy Skills and Drops


No. Name Skills Drop
77 Dueler Fairy
  • Double Slash
  • Death Slash
  • Treatment
  • Heal Elixir
  • Maid's Brew
  • Rune Blade
93 Fairy Fiend
  • Double Claw
  • Vanity
  • Thermal Strike
  • Dynamite Kick
  • Angst Gale
  • Charge Matter
  • STR Seed
  • Ability Seed
117 Gloomy Pixie
  • Flame Wall
  • Ice Wall
  • Wind Storm
  • Heal Elixir
  • Maid's Brew
  • Rune Scythe
263 Queen Sprite
  • Wind Storm
  • Thermal Strike
  • Mini Big Bang
  • Angst Gale
  • Charge Matter
  • Maid's Tincture
  • Rune Rod
279 Rosy Sylph
  • 6-Shot
  • Lunatic Hit
  • Eternal Song
  • 16-Shot
  • Charge Matter
  • Buster Ticket
  • Rune Baghnakh