Getting a Ship

Written by MSG Commander

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Back at Guild headquarters, Maidame Curie says she can have a ship ready for you tomorrow, and in the meantime you should go rest at the Inn. She also says that the equipment shops have new items now (so you ought to check out the Weapon Shop and see about upgrading your armor, at least).

Go to the Inn, and the game cuts to another Free Time event.

Free Time

To raise the girls' Trust Levels, choose the following:

Amelia: "...there's always fishing."
Lucile: "...maybe it's the same as you."
Olivia: "...I was thinking we could shoot the breeze."

Weed Supplement
Talk to Jolie Curie during Free Time to get a Weed Supplement.

Missable Item Alert

Before you go back to the Inn, go to the Guild headquarters and talk to Jolie Curie.

She'll tell Harvey about a new product that just came in, and ask if he wants to try it.

Tell her you'll take one, and she gives you a Weed Supplement.

You can only get the Weed Supplement if you talk to Jolie Curie during Free Time, while Harvey is the only one in your party.

Once you're done, go back to the Inn and rest for the night.

The next morning, Jolie Curie comes out and tells you the ship is ready, and it's waiting for you outside.

The ship is parked just southwest of the Guild, and once you're onboard, the Shadow Shrine is to the northeast.

While Jolie Curie is telling you about the ship being ready, she also lets slip that the door in the Training Ground is now open. The Legendary Sewers are now accessible; however, the enemies are incredibly strong.

Unless you plan on using the same strategy as recommended in Fairyland Grinding, I suggest saving the Legendary Sewers for much, much later.