Written by MSG Commander


When you reach the Hideout, Harvey says the boss is in the headquarters, then there's a scene in the castle dungeon.

After the scene ends, enter the big house and walk forward for a scene with Isaac and Zig. Amelia asks Isaac if he knows of a way she can return to the castle. He says if she can prove that she's the Princess, it shouldn't be a problem.

Isaac tells you to go to Mashrowe Village and talk to a man named Dallin. Then another Watcher comes in and tells Isaac that a woman is her to see him.

The woman is Olivia, and she needs someone to help her find an artifact. Isaac volunteers Harvey to accompany her on her quest, and Olivia joins your party. After the dialogue, go to the dock and talk to Watchers' Member 1 (yes, that is his name) to catch a boat back to Pican Port.

Mashrowe Village is northwest of Pican Port, beyond Akkarl Pass.

Note: With Olivia in your party, you may want to buy a second Light Jewel B. (Also, if you equip Olivia with the Void Jewel a you got in the Pican Port Warehouse, she'll be able to learn Light, Shadow, and Void magic.)

Exploring the Watchers' Hideout

Pitt Brother

The oldest of the three Pitt Brothers is a cat on the southern edge of the dock. He'll trade 10 HP Seeds or 10 MP Seeds for 5 Life Seeds.

Leaving the Hideout - Don't Do It!

If you try to exit the Hideout to the north, Guy tells you that the monsters outside are really strong.

Believe him! If you venture outside to this part of the World Map right now, you will die! Even on Easy difficulty! Don't do it!

(Yes, his name is Guy. In fact, there are two "Guys" and one "Lady" at the Hideout, two "Watchers' Member 1" and a second "Lady" in the headquarters, as well as one "Engineer" in the headquarters and another "Engineer" in the Inn! - I guess some NPCs aren't important enough to get actual names.)


  • Berserk Jewel - located in the Inn
  • Light Sickle +10 (Confusion 20% MP 10%) - located in a secret passage in the headquarters
  • Delete Fossil x2 - located in a secret passage in the headquarters
  • Life Seed - located on the second floor of the headquarters

Warehouse Treasure

  • Protection Jewel
  • Lengthy Rod +40 (STR 40% EXP 26% Virus 30% Confusion 60%)
  • Magic Matter x12
  • Heal Matter x12

Learnable Skills

Talk to James on the northern edge of the dock (close to the Weapon Shop). James says he's always coming up with new skills, and is looking for someone to teach.
When Lucile joins your party (which is still a ways off), come back and talk to James once to learn Steal, and a second time to learn Mug.