Illumina Spire

Written by MSG Commander


When you enter Illumina Spire, Harvey unlocks the front door, and then there's some really dumb dialogue between Lucile and Amelia (sorry, but it really is dumb...)

The whole first screen is linked by multiple secret passages, so go ahead and get the treasure here in whatever order you want. There's a barrier blocking the northeast exit, so take the one in the northwest.

Get the treasure here, then take the exit in the middle of the screen. Follow the path all the way to the end, and get the Magic Key.

Now you can go back and unlock the barrier. (You can use an Exit Feather to warp back to the entrance, to save a little time.)

Equip the Heavy Ring and get the treasure on this screen, then go through the exit.

On the next screen, get the Maid's Brew all the way on the top-most path, then go around to the Recovery point, and a Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Forest Alarune

Forest Alarune x2

  • Drop: STR Seed x2

Learnable Skills

Scramble Hit, Shadow Flame, Proto Tail, Magic Control, Dark Inferno

If you did the Fairyland Grinding, this battle will be pretty easy. (If not, it's obviously still winnable; it'll just take a bit longer.)

Have Lucile use Call + Hit Me, and have Harvey use Concentrated Slash. Olivia can use Sorrow Ataroth, if her HP ones digit is high (above 5, probably.)

Have Amelia use Flail, which attacks all.

Then on everyone's second turn, have them use Magma Raid.

On Lucile's second turn use Dragon Breath if you want to attack them both at the same time, or Thermal Strike if you want to target just one of them.

After the battle, Jolie Curie disappears deeper into the tower (lucky you, you'll get to face her minions again!)

Get the remaining treasure here, then go on to the next screen.

This screen actually is not as hard as the mini map makes it look.

First, go all the way north, and take the first path that leads all the way back down. Skip the first secret passage (since it leads to an empty room), but take the second secret passage to get a treasure.

Now follow the path back all the way to the north, and take the second path that leads all the way back down. Get the treasure at the end of this path.

Now go all the way back to the north, skip the third path, but take the fourth one. Get the treasure in the middle of this path, then go all the way back to the north (again), and take the second to last path. Get the treasure here, then follow the last path back up to the top, and now take the path that connects the very top of this room with the very bottom. Get the treasure in the middle of this path, and then take the exit to the next screen.

This screen is about as simple as they get. Get all the treasure, then go on to the next screen.

Get the treasure on this screen and use the Recovery point at the end, then go on to reach the top floor, and another Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Jolie Curie

Jolie Curie

  • 40,544EXP/75SP/24,500G
  • Drop: SPD Seed

Learnable Skills

Miracle Slap, Made in Heaven, Holy War, Rock-a-Bye, Rage

Have Lucile use Call + Hit Me, then just to speed things up, use Harvey's Tempest Cross.

I followed that with Olivia's Hunting Season (because her HP tens digit was 9), and Amelia's Distribute (I didn't need the HP/MP boost, but I just wanted to do some nice damage.)

On Lucile's second turn I used Thermal Strike, and then on Harvey's second turn, I used Deca-Shaft.

Then I had everyone use Magma Raid to finish her off.

After the battle, Gardenaus starts to glow, and infuse the party with its magic.

After the scene ends, get the treasure at the end of this room, then use an Exit Feather and go report to Maidame Curie back at the Guild.

While talking to Maidame Curie, Harvey senses that the entrance to Etheria has been opened. Once the scene ends, check your World Map for the location. (It says it's just west of the Guild, but actually it's more like just west of Ophir Woods... whatever. The good news is you can land your airship right at the entrance.)

Map and treasure list by Searinox119

Illumina Spire


  • T1 - Delete Fossil x2
  • T2 - Rare Jewel
  • T3 - Skill Saver Jewel
  • T4 - Float Jewel
  • T5 - Rapier +88 (STR 50% VIT 40% INT 30%)
  • T6 - Alto Heal Matter x2
  • T7 - Wholesome Jewel
  • T8 - Buster Ticket x6
  • T9 - Luck Tablet x12
  • T10 - Violent Duster +48 (HP 50%, MP 50%, HP Regen 40%, MP Regen 40%)
  • T11 - Charge Matter x15
  • T12 - Beef Jerkey x2
  • T13 - Magic Key
  • T14 - Maid's Tincture x2
  • T15 - SP Bag
  • T16 - HP Seed x5
  • T17 - Dragon Slayer +20 (Paralysis 30%, Sleep 60%, Confusion 40%, Idle 40%)
  • T18 - Shining Finger +20 (EXP 13%, Fatigue 50%, Gold 18%, Virus 18%)
  • T19 - SPD Seed x8
  • T20 - Trust Doubler Jewel
  • T21 - Floating Stick +32 (SPD 40%, MP Regen 30%, Gnome 40%, Steal 36%)
  • T22 - Numbered Scythe +22 (Critical 40%, Steal 30%, Countdown 28%, Poison 70%)
  • T23 - Flight Feather x3
  • T24 - MP Seed x6
  • T25 - Life Seed x2
  • T26 - Accelerator Jewel
  • T27 - Alto Tablet x3
  • T28 - Revive Matter x2
  • T29 - Rusty Rod

Heavy Jewel Required:

  • T30 - Gold Bag
  • T31 - Experience Bag
  • T32 - Brave Fur

Learnable Skills

Illumina Spire

No. Name Skills
16 Azure Jabberwock Double Claw, Vanity, Dynamite Kick, Countdown
21 Black Assassin Shadow Pin, Quicken Down, Assassinate
31 Blue Screecher MP Absorb, Sudden Descent
35 Bronze Lancer Slash, Armor Break, Delta Formation
54 Cobalt Shrimp Bubble Shock, Ice Shot, Reflect Guard
103 Forest Alarune Scramble Hit, Shadow Flame, Proto Tail, Magic Control, Dark Inferno
145 Horned Cancer Armor Break, Confusion Attack
186 Luminia Chimera Heavy Swing, Weapon Break, Inferno, Ablation, Northern Light
193 Mad Wingnut HP Absorb, Bite
220 Mossy Golem Swat, Stomp
231 Nightmare Fiend Double Claw, Fire, Dynamite Kick, Countdown