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Harvey Gets Captured
Harvey Gets Captured

The game starts with Harvey and the other Watchers planning to rob the Chancellor's Mansion.

After the opening dialogue, Harvey's mission is to head to the large room in the northwest corner of the mansion.

You can explore the other areas, but everywhere you go, you'll encounter another Watcher who will tell you they've got that area covered, so just head west until you get to the first large room.

There's another scene, during which Zig (who just really doesn't like you) allows Harvey to become captured, and then continues to explore the mansion.

As Zig is exploring, he discovers a secret switch, which leads to a room with a large crystal. (Which crystal will ultimately lead to Zig's undoing... do these NPCs never learn?)

The next thing we know, Harvey's in prison.

Examine the prison door to start a scene with Harvey and Princess Amelia. Apparently, Amelia was tricked by the king's advisor, Duncan, who replaced her with a look-alike and then later got her arrested for being an impostor.

While they're talking, Isaac (the leader of the Watchers) shows up to break out Harvey and Amelia.

After Isaac disappears, walk a little bit west for some dialogue with the other two prisoners. Now take the exit in the southwest to reach your first actual location: Luminia Sewers.

To start the New Game+, from the Title Screen, click Load Game, and when it says "Select a mode to play," choose Start. (Obviously, you have to complete the Normal End before you can begin a New Game+.)

In the very opening, there's a scene where Lucile (or possibly Lucile's ghost?) is observing a girl in a chapel somewhere, looking for a book to read. Lucile places a book on the table when the young girl's not looking - and the book happens to contain the passage that Olivia quotes much, much later in the first playthrough.

Beyond that, everything in the intro is pretty much the same. (Except that, now, you can fast forward through ALL the dialogue you've already lived through once...)

Going forward, there will be occasional scenes added in, to help build up to the True End. I'm not going to touch on those because a lot of them are incredibly short - and some of them contain some pretty massive spoilers.

However, I will be introducing the new areas and new NPCs in various towns, as well as the new rewards you can get from any NPC who taught you a skill on your first playthrough.