Luminia City

Written by MSG Commander


Once you've left the sewers, walk forward a little bit for a bit of dialogue. After the dialogue, you need to talk to the other NPCs in town to verify the rumor about the King and Queen's mysterious deaths.

Once you've spoken with all of the people outside, there's a scene with Harvey and Amelia. Harvey says he needs to escort Amelia to the Hideout - and in order to get there, you need to go east to Pican Port.

At this point, you can go straight to Pican Port, or you can talk to everyone else in town, collect the treasure, and unlock the first Subquest.

Exploring Luminia City

There are three exits on the north side of town. The one on the left leads to the Chancellor's Mansion, the one in the middle, to the castle, and the one on the right to a castle "side entrance." You can not enter any of these areas at this time, but you will come back to all three of them later on.


You need a Warehouse Key in order to enter a Warehouse.

There are seven towns in Asdivine Cross that all have warehouses.

Each warehouse has valuable treasure inside, and the only way you can get to it is by using a Warehouse Key.

Warehouse Keys can be bought in the ACP Shop for 50 ACP each, or in the Guild Exchange at the Arena for 700 Coins. (You'll open the Battle Arena later in the game.)

You'll also find 2 Warehouse Keys in treasure chests throughout the game, so if you want to open every Warehouse, you'll need to buy 5 Keys either from the ACP Shop or the Guild Exchange.

Note: You must have a Warehouse Key in order to enter the Warehouse, and "Warehouse Treasure" DOES count toward Total Treasure Chests Opened!

Item Shop

Each town in Asdivine Cross has an Item Shop, where you can buy potions to restore HP, MP, and in some shops, even BG. You can also buy healing items to recover from Poison, Virus, Rage, Idle, Gnome, etc.

Most Item Shops also sell Exit Feathers, which allow you to warp back to the entrance of a dungeon, and Treasure Searcher, which tells you how many unopened treasure chests are in a town or dungeon (helpful for when you want to know if you've found all the treasure yet.)

If you do Subquest 01, the reward is Treasure Searcher x2, and if you Save your game before you use a Treasure Searcher, and then reload from that Save point after you've got the number of unopened chests, you'll never have to buy a single Treasure Searcher throughout the whole game!

(But, if you prefer to just use them and lose them, you can typically buy more Treasure Searcher at almost every Item Shop.)

Light/Shadow Jewels

The Weapon Shop sells Light and Shadow B Jewels, which allow a party member to learn Light or Shadow magic up to Rank 50. If you want all your characters to learn all the magic in the game, you should buy one or two of each type of Jewel now so you can get Harvey and Amelia off to a good start. (You can sell the Lodestone from the Warehouse, and you'll have more than enough to buy the Jewels.)

(Amelia is Light-based, so she'll learn Light magic regardless, and Harvey is Void-based, so he'll learn all Void magic - so you may want to buy one Light Jewel and two Shadow Jewels, to round out Harvey and Amelia's Magic Lists.)

Gem Collector

There's a Gem Collector behind a building in the northeast corner. She'll trade 6 Scratched Gems for an SP Jewel.


01 Meals on Wheels - Talk to Fanny in front of the warehouse to unlock this quest.
(You have to report back to Fanny after delivering the Beef Stew, and she'll give you your reward.)


INT Seed x2 - located in the home in the southeast corner of town
X-Ray Specs x2 - located in the northwest corner of town (above the Item Shop)
Buster Ticket x2 - go through the building in the southwest corner of town
Berserk Jewel - go through the building in the southwest corner of town

Warehouse Treasure

Ability Seed x5
Lodestone (M) x3
Four-Leaf Clover x2

Learnable Skills

Luminia City ~ Pican Port

No. Name Skills
28 Blue Bi-Nuclei Tentacle
109 Furry Scurry Scratch
134 Green Slime Tentacle
137 Hades Drake Air Shot