Luminia Sewers

Written by MSG Commander


When you enter the sewers, Amelia almost gets eaten by a possessed penguin, but fortunately Harvey uses his magic to save her. After the dialogue that follows, you can now start to explore the area.

You'll have your first random encounters in here. If you've equipped Harvey and Amelia's weapons, you can Auto them all, or you can try out different skills and magic (though at this early stage, there's not much to try out.)

On the second screen, you also find your first treasure chests. As the game explains, wooden chests contain usable items like potions, seeds, etc., while metal chests contain equipment like weapons, armor, or jewels.

Make your way toward Exit D on the third screen, being sure to collect all the treasure along the way.

After collecting treasure T8, go west to a Recovery Point, and then north for your first Boss Battle.

Boss Battle



  • 4EXP/15SP/150G
  • Drop: Revive Matter

Have Amelia use her Hit skill on every turn.

(If you're lucky, it will paralyze Colossus, but even if you're not lucky it's her best move at the moment.)

Harvey should use Molecular, or Twin Edge.

This battle probably won't last very long, but you'll still want to watch Amelia's health and use her Heal spell if it gets too low.

Buster Tickets and Box Busters

After the battle, there's some dialogue to explain how to use Buster Tickets, and then the game prompts you to play Box Busters (which costs 100 ACP, and which I do NOT recommend unless you plan on buying more ACP as you play through the game.)

This first time is free, though, but you can only play for a sword for Harvey or a rod for Amelia.

It doesn't matter much which one you choose, as you will be getting better weapons as the game progresses - however, a strong weapon at this point in the game will be helpful in the early stages.

After the dialogue, go north until you come to the game's first secret passage. Follow the passage to the last treasure in Luminia Sewers, then go to the Exit to reach your next location: Luminia City.

Luminia Sewers


T1 - Exit Feather
T2 - Shortsword +6
(Poison 30% STR 8%)
T3 - Heal Gummy x10
T4 - Yellow Jewel
T5 - Indignator x3
T6 - Magic Gummy x10
T7 - Twiggy Stick +10
(Poison 16% MP 8%)
T8 - Blue Jewel
T9 - VIT Seed x5
T10 - Buster Ticket x3

Learnable Skills

(Note: Only Lucile can learn skills from enemies, and she won't be in your party for a long time yet. Even so I will be listing all the Learnable Skills for each location, just for the sake of continuity.)

Luminia Sewers

No. Name Skills
18 Bat HP Absorb
134 Green Slime Tentacle
219 Moist Penguin Slap