Makra Port

Written by MSG Commander


Here you need to talk to the locals until you find out where to find the priestess.

Of course the people standing around outside only talk about the guild tournament, so to move the story along you need to talk to the Priest inside the chapel.

The Priest tells you that the only way you can meet with the priestess is by winning the guild tournament (which, conveniently, is held at the Guild... which is your next location.)

After you talk to the Priest there's a scene at the guild, with people talking about who will be in attendance this year. When this scene ends, exit Makra Port to the south and follow the World Map to reach The Guild.

Exploring Makra Port

Pitt Brother 2

Pitt Brother

The second of the three Pitt Brothers is in Makra Port. He'll trade 10 INT Seeds or 10 SPD Seeds for 2 Ability Seeds.

Warehouse Treasure

If you get the Warehouse treasure here, one of the chests contains 2 Experience Bags.

When used in battle, one Experience Bag gives you 20,000 bonus EXP (40,000 if you have the Experience Orb) - so in your next random encounter, use BOTH BAGS!

(I used them both in the same battle, and because I have the Experience Orb I gained 80,000 bonus EXP, and went from level 16, to level 38. So, any time you get an Experience Bag, or Experience Trunk - use it!)


05 Stolen Lures - talk to Fonzie in the building in the southeast corner of town. (Note: this quest is repeatable.)


Dancing Sword +32 (STR 16% HP 10% Gold 8% Virus 8%) - located in the library in the northwest corner of town
Luck Tablet x8 - located in the northeast corner of town
Heal Potion x4 - located in a secret passage in Fonzie's house

Warehouse Treasure

Experience Bag x2
Lodestone (L)

Learnable Skills

Makra Port ~ Guild

No. Name Skills
100 Flaxen Fairy 3-Shot, Random Shot, Eternal Song
254 Polka Mare Ram
261 Pup-in-a-Barrel Scratch, BG Absorb
306 Squall Sauria Slash, Double Slash