Mashrowe Village

Written by MSG Commander

GuideTreasureNew Game+

To get to Mashrowe Village, go east on the World Map until you come to two bridges. Go north across the second bridge, then turn west and go north across a third bridge.

(There's a fourth bridge in this area that leads to the northeast, but that's not the direction you want to go right now.)

After crossing the third bridge, go west on the World Map until you reach your destination.

When you enter Mashrowe Village, go to the house in the northwest corner of town. In here you'll meet with Dallin's Subordinate, who tells you that Dallin is out at the moment but he should be back tomorrow. Harvey suggests spending the night at the Inn, which is due south of Dallin's home.

After the scene at the Inn, go back to Dallin's house. Harvey explains the situation, and Dallin says he thinks you can get into the castle if you deliver the crystal that's to be used for the king and queen's headstones, but he's not so sure how to expose the impostor.

Just then Olivia comes in and tells Dallin she's looking for the Mirror of Truth so she can perform a ritual. As she and Dallin are speaking, Dallin's subordinate comes in and says monsters are on a rampage in Rhutti Mine - which, according to Dallin, is exactly where the Mirror of Truth is located.

Harvey asks if the Mirror of Truth might be used to expose the impostor, and Olivia says she thinks it could.

So, now you're off to Rhutti Mine, to search for the Mirror of Truth.


03 Find Me If You Can - Talk to Matthew outside the chapel.


  • Red Jewel - located in the secret passage in Dallin's house
  • Blue Jewel - located in the secret passage in the Inn
  • Scratched Gem - west of the Inn (hiding behind the trees)
  • Buster Ticket x2 - north of the Item Shop

Warehouse Treasure

  • Broad Sword +28 (Virus 20% Gnome 26% Swoon 20% Critical 30%)
  • Death Scythe +36 (Virus 20% Steal 26% EXP 16% MP Recovery 10%)
  • Rare Jewel

Learnable Skills

Mashrowe Village Vicinity

No. Name Skills
34 Brew Mycelia Slap, Phospholipase, Confusion Attack
151 Hydnoraceae HP Absorb, Coil
191 Mad Ooze Tentacle, Poison Sphere
235 Nut Nibbler Scratch, Treatment

Shine Sister

Rusty Rod

In the New Game+, there are four Rusty weapons scattered throughout the world - one for each character.

If you take a Rusty weapon, and a Polish, to one of the four Shine Sisters, they'll turn it into a useful (and honestly pretty awesome) weapon!

While they're not the strongest weapons in the game, it's still a pretty neat side quest type of deal, so it's worth pursuing even from that angle.

(Polish can be found in a few dungeons, or purchased in the IAP Shop for 50 Points.)

The Shine Sister in Mashrowe Village will shine a Rusty Rod (which, unfortunately, isn't available until the second to last dungeon in the game.)