Mount Cheeka

Written by MSG Commander

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Note: This dungeon is a bit more complicated than what you've seen so far, but just follow the map and you'll be fine.

Now that the boulders are out of the way, it's time to look for the Magic Pot.

First, get all 19 treasures here, then head for the summit, which is at the very end of the final screen.

(If you happen to run into any Stratos Dragons along the way, you may want to consider running away. Unless you can get really lucky and poison or paralyze him - or both. Otherwise he'll probably destroy you.)


As you get close to the end of Mount Cheeka, there's a scene at Mashrowe Village. Zig comes in and kills all the men in the village as an offering to the Shadow Deity. (This is a bad sign for what's about to come to the world of Asdivine...)

When you finally do reach the summit, there's a monster waiting there to test you, to see if you're worthy of the Magic Pot.

Note: Unless you've done the Fairyland grinding, there is no possible way you can beat the Fated Dragon on your first playthrough, so don't even worry about it. Just let him kill you, and get on with the story.

If you did grind to level 100+, have Lucile use Call + Hit Me, and then have everyone else use the strongest skills they have available. (If Harvey has Dragon Slayer, now is the perfect time to use it.) On Lucile's second turn, use the enemy spell Thermal Strike. Then on her third turn, go back to Hit + Call Me, and keep using this every other turn to keep everyone alive and in the battle.

If you're a high enough level, it is possible to beat the Fated Dragon; it'll just take a really long time. If you do, he gives you a Gamble Jewel. (You also get the Magic Pot, whether you defeat him or not.)

Now that you have the Magic Pot, go back to the Light Shrine (by way of Ophir Woods) and talk to the Light Deity.


As you're leaving Mount Cheeka, there's a scene "In Some Forest." Isaac finally catches up with Zig, and he figures out that the crystal is affecting Zig in a bad way. He tries to stop Zig, but Zig is too powerful and Isaac takes a whooping. Zig leaves his father in the forest, and says he has more important things to see to (like trying to destroy the world...)

Back at the Light Shrine

Back at the Light Shrine, the Light Deity fills the Magic Pot with her power, and then tells you that your next step is to defeat the Shadow Deity's guardians and destroy the crystals they protect. The first crystal is east of the Light Shrine, beyond Gloamfel Ravine - but, unfortunately the Light Deity doesn't know where to find the second crystal, so you'll have to figure that one out on your own.

Meanwhile, there's no way for your party to get to Gloamfel Ravine because it's completely surrounded by mountains. Harvey says he remembers someone at the Hideout mentioning an ancient airship. So, head to the Hideout (back through Ophir Woods, again! Fortunately, once you get back to where you landed your ship, the Hideout is only a hop, skip and a jump away.)

At the Hideout

Talk to Isaac in the Hideout headquarters. He tells you there's something like that buried in Muhnay Cave, south of the Hideout, and he sends Engineer, Niles along with you, to help get it started once you do find it.

Isaac also says the shops have new equipment, so if you haven't upgraded your armor in awhile, now would be a good time.

Also, be sure to talk to James while you're at the Hideout, and learn Steal! Then, exit the Hideout and come back, and talk to him again to learn Mug.

When you're ready, exit the Hideout and follow the World Map to Muhnay Cave.

Map and treasure list by Searinox119

Mount Cheeka


  • T1 - STR Seed x2
  • T2 - Luck Tablet x4
  • T3 - Buster Ticket x3
  • T4 - Broad Sword +42 (Poison 16%, Gnome 10%, Critical 12%)
  • T5 - Heal Ether x2
  • T6 - Void Jewel a
  • T7 - Scratched Gem
  • T8 - Life Rod +42 (EXP 8%, SP 8%, Gold 12%)
  • T9 - Attribute Jewel B
  • T10 - Lodestone (M) x3
  • T11 - Transparent Gem
  • T12 - Reraise Jewel
  • T13 - Luck Tablet x3
  • T14 - Access Jewel
  • T15 - Weed Gem
  • T16 - Half Knuckle +44 (MP Regen 12%, VIT 26%, Fatigue 22%, Rage 26%)
  • T17 - Polish
  • T18 - Sunrise Scythe +55 (Swoon 10%, INT 20%, Paralysis 14%, HP 10%)
  • T19 - Ability Seed x2

Learnable Skills

Mount Cheeka

No. Name Skills
13 Armored Axeman Slash, Weapon Break, Delta Formation
119 Goblin Fighter Slash
135 Guard Goblin Reflect
141 Hatted Penguin Bubble Shock
273 Rock Colossus Swat, Stomp
296 Shaggy Penguin Slap, Quicken
311 Stratos Dragon Hurl, Dragon Breath
315 Thorn Matango Slap, Phospholipase, Confusion Attack

Ophir Woods

No. Name Skills
104 Forest Chimera Heavy Swing, Weapon Break, Ablation
161 Jade Sorceress Shadow Fire, Attack Down, MP Absorb
190 Mad Flower HP Absorb, Coil
205 Marsh Lobster Bubble Shock, Ice Shot, Reflect Guard
223 Munkchipper Scratch, Treatment
245 Patch Bunny Scratch, Treatment
247 Pegasus Ram, Dynamite Kick, Sudden Descent
320 Unicorn Ram, Dynamite Kick

Ophir Woods ~ Light Shrine

No. Name Skills
58 Copper Squid Swat, Heavy Swing, Tentacle
173 Land Fish Ram, Bubble Shock
283 Sandy Lobster Bubble Shock, Ice Shot, Reflect Guard

Pican Port ~ Ophir Woods

No. Name Skills
29 Blue Orc None
143 Hobogre Slash
300 Smooth-Shelled Crab Armor Break, Confusion Attack
332 Were Lion Bite, Slash


No. Name Skills
10 Aqua Kraken Swat, Heavy Swing, Tentacle, Ice Wall
92 Executioner Sauria Slash, Double Slash
156 Insecto Penguin Slap, Quicken
183 Loaded Crab Armor Break, Confusion Attack
195 Magenta Lobster Bubble Shock, Ice Shot, Reflect Guard
237 Ocean Chelonia Bite, Scramble Hit, Reflect
295 Shaggy Ooze Poison Sphere, Phospholipase
331 Water Breather Ram, Bubble Shock

On Mount Cheeka

Whether you defeated the Fated Dragon on your first playthrough or not, you should be able to defeat him now. Have Lucile use Call + Hit Me on every other turn, and use everyone else's strongest skills and magic. If you beat him, he gives you a Gamble Jewel

At the Hideout

Talk to James (the one who taught you Steal and Mug.) He'll give you SP Bag x2. Then leave the Hideout, come back in and talk to him again, and he'll give you a Gold Trunk.