Muhnay Cave

Written by MSG Commander


When you enter Muhnay Cave, the first thing Olivia and Amelia say is that they can't sense the presence of either Light or Shadow energy. (This isn't that important now, but eventually, the fact that there are regions where neither the Light nor Shadow deity can be felt, will become a significant part of the overall story.)

Right now, you just need to find the airship.

After Mount Cheeka, Muhnay Cave is pretty straightforward. Collect the treasure on the first two screens, and get T8 on the third screen. A little bit further on, you'll come to a Recovery point, and a Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Crystal Squirrels
Crystal Squirrels

Crystal Squirrel x6

  • 1398EXP/132SP/9000G
  • Drop: Wing Goods x6

Learnable Skills

Ice Shot, Reflect Guard, Contradiction

This battle was not incredibly difficult for me, but it did take a long time.

The Crystal Squirrels like to use Reflect Guard, which reflects all magic, so for this battle, I had Lucile use Call + Hit Me, and everyone else use their skills.

Once I was satisfied that I'd learned all the enemy skills I could, I used Harvey's Tempest Cross and it annihilated the entire party.

Once the battle ends, grab treasure T9 and then keep heading for the end of the cave.

Fortunately, there's no Boss at the end of Muhnay Cave - just a really old airship. Niles inspects the airship, and thinks he understands how it's supposed to work, but he can't get it started. Then, the game cuts to Free Time.

Free Time

  • For Amelia, choose: "And that could spell serious trouble."
  • For Lucile, choose: "But it's worth giving it a try."
  • For Olivia, choose: "In fact, it sounds amazing!"

When you're ready, examine the steering wheel and choose "Let's use the Magic Pot!" in order to get the airship started.

Watch the scene, and then go back to the Hideout and talk to Isaac again. He says he'll try to find the location for the second crystal, so go on ahead and break the first one and then hopefully he'll be able to fill you in.

Now that you have the airship, your next destination is Gloamfel Ravine.


(At the Hideout, after you've spoken to Isaac and secured the airship)

13 Forgotten Lamps - talk to Cecil next to the Inn.

Map and treasure list by Searinox119

Muhnay Cave


  • T1 - Alto Heal Pudding x2
  • T2 - Weed Gem
  • T3 - Bound Rod +88 (HP Regen 24%, Paralysis 12%, Swoon 6%, Steal 22%)
  • T4 - Alto Tablet
  • T5 - Mighty Salt
  • T6 - Light Jewel a
  • T7 - Buster Ticket x2
  • T8 - Mini Scythe +98 (Steal 50%, Virus 4%)
  • T9 - Silhouette Jewel
  • T10 - Lodestone (S) x8
  • T11 - Transparent Gem
  • T12 - Midnight Knuckle +42 (Confusion 30%, Sleep 30%, Fatigue 32%, Gold 4%)
  • T13 - Maid's Brew x3
  • T14 - Shadow Jewel a
  • T15 - Midnight Sword +66 (Critical 24%, Countdown 20%, SPD 20%, Poison 60%)
  • T16 - Conserver Jewel
  • T17 - Scratched Gem

Learnable Skills

Hideout Vicinity

No. Name Skills
14 Armored Goblin Slash
120 Goblin Knight Slash
142 Highwayman Honcho Shadow Pin, Quicken Down
242 Orphan Pup Scratch, BG Absorb
339 Wyvern Air Shot, Sudden Descent

Muhnay Cave

No. Name Skills
6 Alchemist Poison Sphere, Attack Down, MP Absorb
11 Arch Druid Shadow Fire, Shadow Curtain, MP Absorb
19 Beast Ankylo Bite, Scramble Hit, Reflect
98 Fierce Lynx Bite, Scratch
172 Land Boar Double Claw, Headbutt, Proto Tail
287 Sentient Armor Slash, Burn Up
294 Shadow Screecher HP Absorb, Bite
301 Sonic Claw Chomp, Scratch
338 Worried Penguin Slap, Vanity