Naihmee Village

Written by MSG Commander

GuideNew Game+

Enter Naihmee Village and go to the Inn. Watch the scene with Fabio, and then you're free to go on the next location - Grakka Abyss.

Exploring Naihmee Village

Gem Collector

There's a Gem Collector inside the cave in the northwest corner of town. She'll trade 8 Tray Gems for an Experience Jewel.


  • Cooldowner +20 (Steal 40% Gnome 22% HP 8%) - located in the cave in the northwest corner of town
  • Preemptive Jewel - located in the secret passage in the cave in the northwest corner of town
  • Luck Tablet x6 - located in the northeast corner of town.

(Note: There is a subquest in Naihmee Village, but it's not available until later.)

Learnable Skills

Naihmee Village Vicinity

No. Name Skills
24 Blade Knight Slash, Armor Break, Burn Up, Death Slash
37 Bubble Penguin Slap, Quicken
63 Cursed Tiger Bite, Scratch
132 Great Horn Double Claw, Headbutt, Proto Tail

Shine Sister?

Rusty Manifer

In the New Game+, there are four Rusty weapons scattered throughout the world - one for each character.

If you take a Rusty weapon, and a Polish, to one of the four Shine Sisters, they'll turn it into a useful (and honestly pretty awesome) weapon!

While they're not the strongest weapons in the game, it's still a pretty neat side quest type of deal, so it's worth pursuing even from that angle.

(Polish can be found in a few dungeons, or purchased in the IAP Shop for 50 Points.)

The Shine Sister in Naihmee Village will shine a Rusty Manifer (not sure why this one looks like a man, though?...)