Obscura Shrine

Written by MSG Commander


This may just be the easiest dungeon in the entire game. Get the first three treasures, and then go to the end of the second screen for a Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Shadow Sage
Shadow Sage

Shadow Sage

  • 3621EXP/22SP/11,360G
  • Drop: HP Seed

Learnable Skills

Heavy Swing, Poison Sphere, Ultra MP Absorb, Poison Field

Shadow Sage's opening move is to use Poison Field, which in addition to causing Poison, may cause Paralysis.

Have Lucile use Call + Hit Me as soon as she's able to, and then have everyone else Cure anyone who's poisoned or paralyzed.

Shadow Sage also uses Ultra MP Absorb, which drains every one's MP and gives it all to her.

(So if you can get her to use it on Lucile, she'll learn a pretty awesome skill here.)

I used everyone's skills, with a focus on skills do extra damage to aerial targets, and then I finished Shadow Sage off with Thermal Strike (I just love that spell!)

After the Battle

After this battle, the second crystal shatters, but then suddenly Olivia starts to have doubts about whether you're doing the right thing. Anyway, now that you've defeated both guardians, the next thing is to go outside the shrine, where the Light Deity is waiting to give you your next set of instructions (but first, make sure you get treasure T4!)

The Light Deity tells you that now you need to go to Grakka Abyss and face the Shadow Deity. However, there's a magic barrier blocking the way, so she tells you to rest at Naihmee Village until she can dispel the barrier. So, walk back to your airship and fly across the mountain range, to Naihmee Village.

Map and treasure list by Searinox119

Obscura Shrine


  • T1 - Shadow Rod +33 (EXP 10%, SP 10%, Gold 10%)
  • T2 - Alto Heal Pudding x6
  • T3 - MP Saver Jewel
  • T4 - Accelerator Jewel

Learnable Skills

Naihmee Village Vicinity

No. Name Skills
24 Blade Knight Slash, Armor Break, Burn Up, Death Slash
37 Bubble Penguin Slap, Quicken
63 Cursed Tiger Bite, Scratch
132 Great Horn Double Claw, Headbutt, Proto Tail