On To Tenebrant

Written by MSG Commander

Free Time

Secretive Fellow
Talk to the Secretive Fellow hiding behind this pillar for an Impervious Jewel.

While on the ship, the game introduces the first "Free Time."

Free Time is a chance to talk to each of the girls in the party, and raise their Trust Level. (At the end of the game, if one of the girls' Trust Level is higher than the others, you'll see a special ending with Harvey and that girl.)

To raise the Trust Levels for this Free Time event:

Lucile: Choose "Still, I have to try!"
Amelia: Choose "Well enough, I guess."

Missable NPC Alert

Hiding behind one of the pillars on the ship is a Secretive Fellow. You can't see him at all - but if you find him, he'll give you an Impervious Jewel.

You have to do this before you end Free Time, or you will lose the chance!

Side note: As far as anyone has been able to determine, this is the only time and place you will ever be able to find the Secretive Fellow.

When you're done talking to the girls and have found the Secretive Fellow, talk to the Sailor and choose to rest, and the game will cut to Makra Port.