Ophir Woods

Written by MSG Commander

Land Here
Land your ship here, and then walk southwest to Ophir Woods.

To reach Ophir Woods, first sail to Pican Port, and then sail to the peninsula due south. Land your ship here, and then follow the World Map to the southwest.

There is no Boss Battle in Ophir Woods! (Hooray!)

This first time through the woods, your objective is to reach the Exit, so skip the one that leads to Mount Cheeka, and head all the way for the far end of the woods.

When you enter the woods, the party senses that something is different here. Olivia suggests the balance of energy in the area might be off, and Harvey says you should try to correct it, if you can.

After the dialogue follow the path to the first fork in the road. There's another small scene where the party talks about which direction to take - but after this scene, you'll want to take every direction anyway so you can get all the treasure.

Note: Some of the treasure chests (T1, T8, and T10) are really hard to see, because they're about 99% hidden by the trees. If you don't see it right away, just walk around in that spot and keep hitting the confirm button until you find it.

Get the treasure on the first screen, then take the northwest exit to get treasure T5. Now go back and take the southwest exit to the second screen.

On the third sceen, skip the exit to the north. Just collect all the treasure and take exit D to the fourth screen. Get the remaining treasure and exit the woods. Your next location is the Light Shrine, which is east on the World Map.

Map and treasure list by Searinox119

Ophir Woods


  • T1 - Alto Heal Pudding x3
  • T2 - Float Jewel
  • T3 - Bound Sickle +46 (HP 60%)
  • T4 - Target Jewel
  • T5 - Delete Fossil x2
  • T6 - Magic Sword +20 (VIT 30%, MP 26%, MP Regen 20%, Idle 30%)
  • T7 - Red Jewel x2
  • T8 - Buster Ticket x2
  • T9 - Guild Belt
  • T10 - Co-op Jewel
  • T11 - Billy Club +42 (Gnome 18%, Virus 20%, Poison 30%)
  • T12 - Light Knuckle +60 (STR 12%, SPD 14%, EXP 10%, Paralysis 16%)
  • T13 - 100-Fold Jewel
  • T14 - Tray Gem

Learnable Skills


No. Name Skills
10 Aqua Kraken Swat, Heavy Swing, Tentacle, Ice Wall
92 Executioner Sauria Slash, Double Slash
156 Insecto Penguin Slap, Quicken
183 Loaded Crab Armor Break, Confusion Attack
195 Magenta Lobster Bubble Shock, Ice Shot, Reflect Guard
237 Ocean Chelonia Bite, Scramble Hit, Reflect
295 Shaggy Ooze Poison Sphere, Phospholipase
331 Water Breather Ram, Bubble Shock

Pican Port ~ Ophir Woods

No. Name Skills
29 Blue Orc None
143 Hobogre Slash
300 Smooth-Shelled Crab Armor Break, Confusion Attack
332 Were Lion Bite, Slash

Ophir Woods

No. Name Skills
104 Forest Chimera Heavy Swing, Weapon Break, Ablation
161 Jade Sorceress Shadow Fire, Attack Down, MP Absorb
190 Mad Flower HP Absorb, Coil
205 Marsh Lobster Bubble Shock, Ice Shot, Reflect Guard
223 Munkchipper Scratch, Treatment
245 Patch Bunny Scratch, Treatment
247 Pegasus Ram, Dynamite Kick, Sudden Descent
320 Unicorn Ram, Dynamite Kick