Pican Port

Written by MSG Commander

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When you get to Pican Port, Harvey says you need to stowaway on one of the ships that's going near the Hideout.

Then a drunk mercenary tries to explain how to upgrade weapons, then you're free to go talk to the sailors at the harbor.

After the scene at Luminia Castle, head to the pier in the southeast corner and talk to the boy Sailor. Talk to him again, and you'll be able to board the ship and sail to the Hideout.

Exploring Pican Port

Pitt Brother

The Pitt Brothers will trade you for valuable Seeds.

North of the Weapons Shop, there's a young boy who tells you he is the third of the three Pitt Brothers.

The Pitt Brothers are located in three separate towns, and each one of them trades low value Seeds for high value Seeds.

(For example, the one in Pican Port will trade 10 STR Seeds or 10 VIT Seeds for 2 Ability Seeds.)

Of course, if you don't have the Seeds they're looking for, they won't give you anything.

Armor Upgrade

The armor at the Weapon Shop in Pican Port is stronger than the armor you started the game with.

(In fact it adds +20 to your DEF.)

In fact, in almost every Weapon Shop from here on out, the armor in new towns will be +20 stronger than the armor that was available in the previous town. So, every time you reach a new location, check the Weapon Shop to see if you can upgrade your armor.

(But ignore the weapon selection, since the weapons you get from treasure chests and enemy drops will be more than enough.)


02 Frog in the Ocean - talk to the two girls on the harbor


Luck Tablet x2 - located in the northeast corner of town (just before the harbor)

Warehouse Treasure

Delete Fossil x3
Void Jewel a
Guilty Jewel
Blood Sword +36 (Poison 50% Paralysis 30% Sleep 50%)

Learnable Skills

Luminia City ~ Pican Port

No. Name Skills
28 Blue Bi-Nuclei Tentacle
109 Furry Scurry Scratch
134 Green Slime Tentacle
137 Hades Drake Air Shot

Shine Sister

Rusty Sword

In the New Game+, there are four Rusty weapons scattered throughout the world - one for each character.

If you take a Rusty weapon, and a Polish, to one of the four Shine Sisters, they'll turn it into a useful (and honestly pretty awesome) weapon!

While they're not the strongest weapons in the game, it's still a pretty neat side quest type of deal, so it's worth pursuing even from that angle.

(Polish can be found in a few dungeons, or purchased in the IAP Shop for 50 Points.)

The Shine Sister in Pican Port will shine a Rusty Sword.