Rhutti Mine pt. 2

Written by MSG Commander


Once inside Rhutti Mine, you need to return to the locked door in the northeast corner of the second screen.

After the scene with the minecart, grab the treasure in this room and the room to the southeast. Now ride the minecart to the far end of the room, and then take the north exit.

On the next screen, take the top minecart to get across the chasm, and then take Exit C. Get the treasure on this screen, then take Exit D to the final screen.

Search the minecart that looks full in order to find the bomb you're looking for, and then exit Rhutti Mine and go back to Ophir Woods (and, of course, Mount Cheeka.)

Map and treasure list by Searinox119

(First map is of part 1, just so you don't have to search for it all over again.)

Rhutti Mine

Rhutti Mine 2


  • T10 - Luck Tablet x4
  • T11 - Death Scythe +56 (STR 20%, Virus 12%, SP 10%, Gold 10%)
  • T12 - Lodestone (M)
  • T13 - SPD Seed x3
  • T14 - Sunrise Baghnakh +38 (STR 16%, HP Regen 16%, Fatigue 20%, Idle 20%)
  • T15 - Tray Gem
  • T16 - Midnight Rod +30 (Sleep 26%, Confusion 23%, Poison 26%, EXP 8%)
  • T17 - STR Seed x3
  • T18 - Maid's Tincture x3
  • T19 - Counter Jewel
  • T20 -Quintuple Jewel

Mashrowe Village Vicinity

No. Name Skills
34 Brew Mycelia Slap, Phospholipase, Confusion Attack
151 Hydnoraceae HP Absorb, Coil
191 Mad Ooze Tentacle, Poison Sphere
235 Nut Nibbler Scratch, Treatment

Rhutti Mine

No. Name Skills
52 Clay Golem Swat
64 Cyan Maneater HP Absorb, Coil
118 Goblin Chopper Slash, Armor Break
144 Hobtroll Slash
255 Pollinator MP Absorb, Coil, Paralysis Stinger
281 Rustler Shadow Pin, Quicken Down
333 Wild Lynx Bite