Search for Gardenaus

Written by MSG Commander

Go to the Guild and watch the scene with Prince Laird. Then enter the Guild headquarters and talk to Maidame Curie.

During the scene Jolie Curie gives you the book Gardenaus, and tells you in order to learn its secrets, you need to infuse the pages with magic from 2 stone monuments. She almost tells you more, but then a special someone appears, and Jolie is "disappeared."

Maidame Curie comes in, and says although she doesn't know where Jolie is now, she's sure that she's safe, and she's sure that sooner or later, you will find her and save her.

Then she tells you about the Timewarp Tower (the bonus dungeon in the IAP Shop), and about the Forgotten Village (the place where the maids reside.) She says the location of the Forgotten Village is a secret (but I've marked the location on this page.)

Next she tells you where to find the stone monuments: one is north of Rhutti Mine, and the other is somewhere in Gloamfel Ravine (through the exit I told you to skip earlier in the first playthrough.)

When you're all done, exit the Guild completely, and then watch the scene with Jolie.

Now, you need to find the two monuments. It probably doesn't matter what order you go in, so go ahead and fly north of Rhutti Mine to go to the first one.