Shadow Shrine

Written by MSG Commander


When you enter the Shadow Shrine, there's a bit of dialogue in which Lucile tries to get everyone to beat up on her, then the King comes in and says he was told by the Shadow Deity to come here and store some energy.

Olivia is more concerend than ever, and she says that you need to reach the inner sanctum before the King, so that she can try to speak with the Shadow Deity herself.

Go through the secret passage (and get treasure T1, while you're here), then go through Exit A and grab treasures T2 and T3.

Now go north to the inner sanctuary.

The Tenebrant Soldiers come up behind you, and Harvey gets to fight them off single-handedly.

Boss Battle

Tenebrant Soldiers

Tenebrant Soldier x4

  • 128EXP/88SP/2000G
  • Drop: Charge Jelly x4

Use Harvey's regular attack, and, assuming you've got the Broad Sword equipped, the enemies will all die within one or two rounds.

After the battle Olivia tries to contact the Shadow Deity, but she's unable to hear his voice.

Just then, Zig shows up.

(Seems he's still intent on killing Harvey.)

After the usual banter, you get to fight Zig (but this time, the whole party gets to join in.)

Boss Battle


Zig, Shadow Pixie x2

Drop: Heal Potion, Access Jewel

Learnable Skills

  • Shadow Pixie - Fire, Phospholipase, Quicken, Vanity
  • Zig - Slash, Armor Break, Shadow Flame, Double Slash, Proto Tail

Have Lucile use Call + Hit Me at the beginning of battle, and then have everyone else Guard for a turn or two to give her a chance to learn some skills.

Use Amelia's regular attack on the Shadow Pixies (since her weapon targets a column), and once they're out of the way, have everyone use whatever you want on Zig.

After the battle, Zig hears the voice of the Shadow Deity telling him to leave the princess and to go... somewhere else (but we're not told where.)

Zig disappears, and Harvey and the girls are left to find another way to try and get their answers.

After the Shadow Shrine

Amelia says maybe the Light Deity will be able to help, and you should go to the Light Shrine. Olivia agrees, but first she says she has to get permission to leave the kingdom, which she can only do at Tenebrant Castle.

After all the dialogue ends, get the one treasure remaining in the Shadow Shrine, then go to Tenebrant City.

Approach the castle entrance (you won't be able to get in, but you need to go there in order for the story to progress further.)

After Prince Laird comes out and makes a fool of himself, go to the chapel so Olivia can talk to the High Priest. The High Priest gives her permission to go, and Lucile says the Light Shrine is southeast of Luminia, in the middle of a forest.

Your next destination is Ophir Woods (which is southeast of Luminia, but must be approached from a spot southwest of Pican Port).

Map and treasure list by Searinox119

Shadow Shrine


  • T1 - Midnight Sword +26 (Gnome 12%, Paralysis 14%, Confusion 20%)
  • T2 - Hi-Speed Jewel
  • T3 - Lodestone (S) x3
  • T4 - Shadow Jewel a

Learnable Skills


No. Name Skills
10 Aqua Kraken Swat, Heavy Swing, Tentacle, Ice Wall
92 Executioner Sauria Slash, Double Slash
156 Insecto Penguin Slap, Quicken
183 Loaded Crab Armor Break, Confusion Attack
195 Magenta Lobster Bubble Shock, Ice Shot, Reflect Guard
237 Ocean Chelonia Bite, Scramble Hit, Reflect
295 Shaggy Ooze Poison Sphere, Phospholipase
331 Water Breather Ram, Bubble Shock