Shawarl Checkpoint

Written by MSG Commander

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Shawarl Checkpoint is southeast of the Guild. The guards at the entrance ask to see your Coupon, and then they let you through. There's a scene with Prince Laird and some monsters, and then you're free to explore the checkpoint.

There's not much to the checkpoint, just a handful of treasure and a Boss battle. There are no random encounters in this part of the checkpoint.

The exit on the screen where you get treasure T4 leads to a locked door that won't open until New Game+, so skip it for now.

Also, treasures T5 and T6 require a Heavy Jewel. You could conceivably have one at this point, but if you're like me and saving the Battle Arena for later, then just make a note of these two treasures, and come back for them once you do have the Heavy Jewel.

Use the Recovery point if you need to, and then go south through Exit B for a Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Shawarl Bosses

Red Lion, Violet Chelonia

  • 138EXP/44SP/1505G
  • Drop: Revive Matter, Heal Potion

Learnable Skills

Red Lion - Bite, Slash
Violet Chelonia - Bite, Scramble Hit

Have Lucile use Call + Hit Me on her first turn, then use Amelia's Hit or HP & MP Drain.

Use Harvey's Triple Strike, and whenever possible have Lucile use either Slash or Double Slash.

If Lucile has learned Ice Shot, that spell will deal some good damage, as well as lowering the enemy's ATK & INT by 1 rank.

After using all your BG, use Harvey's Molecular (or just use his regular attack) and Amelia's Light Thunder, and have Lucile keep using Call + Hit Me as much as you can.

This battle will take awhile, but as long as you watch everyone's health you should be fine.

After the battle, the Prince's guard thanks you for your help, and gives you Heal Potion x10.

Once the dialogue ends, exit Shawarl Checkpoint and travel northeast on the World Map to reach Tenebrant City.

Map and treasure list by Searinox119

Shawarl Checkpoint


  • T1 - Triple Jewel
  • T2 - Dancing Sword +68 (SPD 10%, Gold 16%, Critical 20%)
  • T3 - Warehouse Key
  • T4 - Weed Gem

Heavy Jewel Required:

  • T5 - Deity Wig
  • T6 - Charge Honey x23

Learnable Skills

Makra Port ~ Guild

No. Name Skills
100 Flaxen Fairy 3-Shot, Random Shot, Eternal Song
254 Polka Mare Ram
261 Pup-in-a-Barrel Scratch, BG Absorb
306 Squall Sauria Slash, Double Slash

Shawarl Checkpoint ~ Tenebrant City

No. Name Skills
233 Nomad Drake Air Shot
280 Ruffian Shadow Pin, Quicken Down
305 Spotted Slime Tentacle, Poison Sphere
329 Wandering Bat HP Absorb, Bite

In the New Game+, the rest of this dungeon is now accessible. There are 6 new treasures you can get here (and still, no random encounters).

Restricted Area Treasure

  • T1 - Fine Belt
  • T2 - SPD Seed x8
  • T3- Supersonic Cutter +32 (Gold 22% Paralysis 26% Gnome 26% Critical 20%)
  • T4 - Alto Heal Pudding x10
  • T5 - Rusty Sword
  • T6 - Fragrant Rod +42 (HP 40% Steal 40% Idle 40%)