Spireach Tower

Written by MSG Commander


If you were hoping for one more long, confusing dungeon before the Normal End, you're in luck. (Seriously, this one is just ridiculous.)

Get the treasure east of the entrance, then go west to find the barrier and watch the scene. Now, stay on this screen and follow the path to get treasure T2.

(Note: If you have a Heavy Jewel, you can get T19 at the same time, or you can just wait and you will come across it as you explore the dungeon.)

Now take exit A, and on that screen, follow the path to exit C, and go get treasure T3.

Now go back one screen, and take exit B. Follow this path to exit D, and get treasure T4 - the Half-Broken Key.

Now go back through exit D, and get treasures T5 and T6. Follow the path to a door with a Half-Broken lock, and use the Half-Broken Key, then get the remaining treasure on this screen and go through exit E.

Now go south to exit F, and get treasures T11 and T12. Now go back up through F, and head toward exit G, but take the secret passage on the way to get treasure T13. Now, go through exit G and follow the path to T14.

Now go back one screen, and get treasures T15 and T16, then go back through exit E and head to the northeast corner.

Here, there are two ledges with arrow tiles pointing to the north. If you step on one of them, it will pull you off the ledge and make you fall to the floor below.

You have to fall off both edges if you want to get off both treasures, so fall down the ledge on the left to get T17, then circle back and fall off the ledge on the right to get T18.

After you get T18, fall down one more ledge, and get T19.

Now go to exit H, and open the door with the Half-Melted lock. Follow the path through the next few screens, and then watch the scene. After the scene, go north through exit J.


When you enter this screen, Harvey says the corridor splits in two directions, and then Isaac comes up behind you and says he'll take the left path, and you should take the right. (Isaac will help you through the next little bit of the tower, and then you'll be able to go back, and collect the treasure on his side of the room.)

Get the treasure on the east side of the room, then go through exit K.

Follow the path to T23, then go down a bit and take the arrow tiles pointing to the east, that lead across and up through the little maze there. Follow the path until you come to a switch, but before you examine the switch, take the secret passage to T24.

Now go back and examine the switch. Watch the scene, but before you go through exit M, go back one screen and get the treasure on the left side (and go through exit L and get the treasure there as well.)

Now go back through exit K, and go through M, and N, and get treasure T29. Now go back, and get treasure T30 and T31 (Note: You can only get T31 if you have a Heavy Jewel.)

Now, use the Recovery point next to exit O, and then go north one screen for a Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Berserk Zig

Berserk Zig

  • 14757EXP/75SP/15,525G
  • Drop: Wholesome Jewel

Learnable Skills

Double Slash, Blackout, Contradiction Wave, Impotence, Rage

As usual, have Lucile use Call + Hit Me. (If you've got the Accelerator Ring, she'll get to do this before Zig's first turn.)

I had Amelia use Virgin Fist and Olivia use Murder Rate (so she could use it two turns in a row), while Harvey used Tempest Cross on his first turn.

Zig uses Impotence on his first turn, which does some damage, but also lowers DEF by 1 rank - but since Lucile is using Call + Hit Me every other turn, that won't be a problem.

On Lucile's second turn, I used Thermal Strike, followed by Olivia's Murder Rate, Amelia's Hit, and then another Thermal Strike to finish him off.


After the battle, Zig is still possessed by the Light Deity, and he kind of goes crazy, yelling about needing more power. Your party chases after him, and then Isaac arrives and tries to save Zig.

Just then the Light Deity shows up to finish Zig off, but Isaac jumps in front of him, saving his life. After this Zig finally sees the error of his ways, and he and Isaac are reunited.

Then the Light Deity confronts the Shadow Deity within Lucile and Harvey - but the Shadow Deity tells her she's about to be sealed away, just like he is! The Light Deity opens a portal to her homeworld, Elysium, and says if you can confront her there and come out victorious, she may reconsider her plans to destroy the world.

Then a couple of Watchers show up, and take Isaac back to the Hideout. Meanwhile, Zig has an attack of conscience, and disappears into Elysium.

Finally, before this scene closes, the Shadow Deity opens a portal back to the entrance to Spireach Tower, in case you need to go back and prepare for the upcoming battle.

After the scene, the way to Elysium is open.

NOTE: Elysium is the last location leading up to the Normal End. After beating the boss in that location, you will be prompted to start a New Game+, back at the beginning of the game but with all your current levels, skills, equipment, etc.

If there's anything that you want to do before starting the New Game+ (grinding, collecting all treasures, finishing all quests, etc.) I recommend you do it before entering Elysium!

Map and treasure list by Searinox119

Spireach Tower


  • T1 - Co-op Jewel
  • T2 - Triple Jewel
  • T3 - Target Jewel
  • T4 - Half-Broken Key
  • T5 - Maid's Brew x4
  • T6 - Guard Jewel
  • T7 - Heal Pudding x10
  • T8 - Ability Seed x2
  • T9 - Ability Seed x2
  • T10 - Flight Feather x2
  • T11 - Half-Melted Key
  • T12 - Scratched Gem
  • T13 - Life Seed x8
  • T14 - SPD Seed X16
  • T15 - Repeat Jewel
  • T16 - Alto Heal Pudding x6
  • T17 - Attribute Jewel a
  • T18 - Violent Duster +22 (Critical 30%, Paralysis 20%, STR 18%)
  • T19 - Fragrant Sword +30 (Swoon 14%, SP 10%, Idle 40%)
  • T20 - Four-Leaf Clover
  • T21 - Attribute Jewel B
  • T22 - Buster Ticket x4
  • T23 - Mighty Salt x2
  • T24 - Weed Gem
  • T25 - Transparent Gem
  • T26 - STR Seed x3
  • T27 - Bear Claw +30 (STR 40%, HP Regen 20%, Rage 60%)
  • T28 - MP Saver Jewel
  • T29 - Curved Scythe +40 (MP 16%, Gold 20%, Sleep 22%, Virus 18%)
  • T30 - Heal Elixir x2

Heavy Jewel Required

  • T31 - Shadow Scythe +50 (Steal 30%, Confusion 30%, EXP 12%, VIT 60%)

Learnable Skills

Spireach Tower

No. Name Skills
66 Damask Boar Double Claw, Headbutt, Proto Tail, Roar Rage
121 Goblin Paladin Slash, Reflect Guard
159 Jack-the-Ripper Shadow Pin, Quicken Down, Assassinate
207 Matchmaker Sprite 3-Shot, Random Shot, Eternal Song, Eternal Lullaby
265 Raging Mare Ram, Dynamite Kick
285 Seizer Drake Air Shot, Wind Storm
286 Seizer Wyvern Air Shot, Sudden Descent
298 Silver Brandisher Slash, Double Slash, Delta Formation