Stone Monuments

Written by MSG Commander



The Luminia monument is in Gold Region 1, just north of Rhutti Mine. Land your airship on the west side of the forest here, then walk east to the monument.

Boss Battle

War Dragon

War Dragon

  • 35,867EXP/75SP/23,075G
  • Drop: Alto Heal Pudding

Learnable Skills

Sudden Descent, Hurl, Benevolence, Ablation, Northern Light

Have Lucile use Call + Hit Me, and definitely have Harvey use Dragon Slayer on this one!

I used Olivia's Hunting Season, since her HP was 9991, and Hunting Season is based on the HP tens digit, and I used Amelia's Virgin Fist.

On Lucile's second turn I used Thermal Strike, and then I had everyone else use either Magma Raid, or Heavenly Visitation.

After this battle, Gardenaus absorbs the magic from the monument, and then the monument splits into two shining starts.

Examine the stars to get Ragnarok for Harvey, and Parasite Edge for Olivia.

Now it's off to find monument #2.


The Tenebrant monument is in Gloamfel Ravine (through exit E, from the central area of the ravine.)

To get there quickly, use a Flight Feather and warp to the Rest Stop. From there, enter the ravine, and go east to the next screen. Now follow the path to exit E, which is in the northwest corner, then go west through that screen to emerge right at the monument.

Boss Battle

Lucky Goophare

Lucky Goophare

  • 35,203EXP/75SP/22,588G
  • Drop: Co-op Jewel

Learnable Skills

Heavy Swing, Gnome, Final Undulation, Southern Light, Mini Breath

(I came straight into this battle after beating the War Dragon, and I forgot to recharge everyone's BG. Whoops.)

Have Lucile use Call + Hit Me, and have everyone else use Magma Raid. It'll miss about half the time, but it still does pretty good damage.

You can also use Harvey's Tempest Cross, if you've got a full Trust Charge.

On Lucile's second turn, use Thermal Strike.

Note: Lucky Goophare can cause Gnome on your party, and shrink them into cute little bunnies and puppy dogs. Unfortunately they can't do anything in this state except attack. Be sure to Cure anyone who gets shrunk down.

After this battle, Gardenaus absorbs the magic from the monument, and the monument shatters into two shining stars.

Also, now that you've found both monuments and defeated the bosses, Illumina Spire opens up. In order to get into the Spire, though, you need to get the key from the Ministers in Luminia Castle.

(But first, examine the shining stars to get Apocalypse for Amelia, and Lionheart for Lucile.)

Now, head to Luminia Castle and talk to the Ministers. (You can use another Flight Feather to get to Luminia City.)

When you're ready, your next destination is Illumina Spire.


19 What Camilla Misplaced - talk to Minister, Nicholas in Luminia Castle (after the story stuff)

Learnable Skills

Gold Region 1

123 Gold Chelonia Chomp Scramble Hit Reflect
124 Gold Fin Ram, Bubble Shock
126 Gold Goblin Slash, Armor Break
127 Gold Hyrax Scratch, Yell

Gloamfel Ravine

No. Name Skills
101 Fluttering Sylph 3-Shot, Random Shot, Eternal Song
30 Blue Roan Ram, Dynamite Kick
42 Chaos Flower HP Absorb, Coil
102 Force Dragon Hurl, Murderous Grudge, Dragon Breath
115 Glaucous Squid Swat, Heavy Swing, Tentacle
130 Goophare HP Absorb, Ice Shot
308 Star Goophare HP Absorb, Bioshock
323 Verdant Sylph Air Shot, Ice Shot, Eternal Song, Eternal Lullaby