Tenebrant City

Written by MSG Commander

GuideTreasureNew Game+

When you enter Tenebrant City, go to the chapel in the northwest corner and show your Coupon to the High Priest. The High Priest says you can go back and meet with the priestess, so when the dialogue ends go north to the back room, where you meet none other than...


Harvey explains to Olivia how the Shadow Deity appeared in Luminia and murdered the man who summoned him. Olivia confirms that Tenebrant is preparing for war, and that in fact the Shadow Deity is directing the King's movements.

Olivia says she's been unable to hear the Shadow Deity's voice for the last several days, so she really doesn't know what's going on. She does say that faith in the Shadow Deity has been declining lately, but she doesn't believe that the Shadow Deity would purposely kill people to try to make them believe in him.

She says that in order to know for sure, she'll need to speak directly to the Shadow Deity. But before she can seek an audience with him, she needs to purify herself in Cragal Shrine, which is west of Tenebrant City.

After that there's a scene in Tenebrant Castle and then the game cuts back to your party. When you're ready, exit Tenebrant City and go west on the World Map to Cragal Shrine.

Exploring Tenebrant City

Aside from collecting the treasure and unlocking a subquest, there's really nothing else to do here.


08 Lunchbox Left Behind - talk to Waldo next to the Warehouse


Co-op Jewel - located along the secret passage that starts next to the chapel
Mighty Salt - located at the end of the secret passage that starts next to the chapel
Mighty Jewel - located in a secret passage in the building east of the chapel
Lodestone (S) x2 - located on the second floor of the Inn
Scratched Gem - located in the southeast corner of town
HP Seed x4 - located in a secret passage in the building east of the Inn

Warehouse Treasure

Triple Jewel x2
Mighty Salt x8 (hard to see, it's behind a tree in the northeast corner)
Bound Sickle +72 (Virus 16% MP Recovery 26% Gold 20% Swoon 12%)

Shawarl Checkpoint ~ Tenebrant City

No. Name Skills
233 Nomad Drake Air Shot
280 Ruffian Shadow Pin, Quicken Down
305 Spotted Slime Tentacle, Poison Sphere
329 Wandering Bat HP Absorb, Bite

Tenebrant City ~ Cragal Shrine

No. Name Skills
27 Blood Tri-Nuclei HP Absorb, Poison Sphere
139 Hard-Back Turtle Bite, Scramble Hit
181 Lizardman Warrior Slash, Armor Break
227 Naughty Pixie 3-Shot, Random Shot, Eternal Song

Shine Sister

Rusty Scythe

In the New Game+, there are four Rusty weapons scattered throughout the world - one for each character.

If you take a Rusty weapon, and a Polish, to one of the four Shine Sisters, they'll turn it into a useful (and honestly pretty awesome) weapon!

While they're not the strongest weapons in the game, it's still a pretty neat side quest type of deal, so it's worth pursuing even from that angle.

(Polish can be found in a few dungeons, or purchased in the IAP Shop for 50 Points.)

The Shine Sister in Tenebrant City will shine a Rusty Scythe.