The Guild Tournament

Written by MSG Commander

Back at the Guild, Fabio teaches you about Beat Combos, and Maidame Curie gives you a Guild Membership card so you can enter the tournament and participate in the Battle Arena.

Now that you've learned about Beat Combos, you should set up Lucile with Call + Hit Me, and have her use this at the start of every Boss battle. Doing so will make all the enemies target her - and all of their attacks will hear her instead of doing damage. (And, it will seriously improve the odds of learning more enemy skills.)

Once the scene finally ends, talk to Maidame Curie to enter the guild tournament.

You'll have to fight two battles in the tournament to win the finals. Your first fight is against the Chick-O-Chicks.


Chick O Chicks

Chick-O-Chick Remy, Greemy, and Blumy

Learnable Skills

Chick-O-Chick Blumy - Ice Shot, Gnome, Proto Tail
Chick-O-Chick Greemy - Air Shot, Gnome, Eternal Song
Chick-O-Chick Remy - Slash, Gnome, Phospholipase

The Chick-O-Chicks all have skills you can learn, so have Lucile use Call at the start of the battle.

The Chick-O-Chicks use Gnome a lot, and if it happens to land on anyone, you'll need to use a Growth Mushroom to restore them (or wait for it to wear off.)

Magic and skills appear to do about the same amount of damage in this battle. (If you set up any Beat Combos before this battle, you can use those as well.)

I used Amelia's Hit and Harvey's Triple Strike, and had Lucile use Double Slash (when she wasn't healing).

After I used all my BG, I used Harvey's Molecular and Amelia's Light Thunder.

My approach was to take out the Chick-O-Chicks one at a time, starting with Remy and working my way back to Blumy.

After beating the Chick-O-Chicks, your next match is against Medieval.



Hound, Bow; Hound, Wow; Hound, Woof

Learnable Skills

Hound, Bow - Slash, Vanity
Hound, Woof - Shadow Fire, Attack Down, MP Absorb
Hound, Wow - Slash, Quicken

Even though these two battles are fought back to back, you start this battle with full health.

Have Lucile use Call so she can learn some of the enemy skills, then use your best skills or magic.

Once you kill Hound, Bow, start using skills that attack a Column, so you can get Hound, Wow and Hound, Woof at the same time. Use Lucile's Heavy Swing and Amelia's Swing as much as possible, and have Harvey use whatever skills or magic he's got available.

When you get down to only one Hound remaining, just use whatever skills or magic you can to finish him off.

After this battle, you've won the tournament, and can now seek an audience with the priestess. You're also given a Coupon, which will come into play a bit later in the game.

As an added bonus, you're also eligible now to enter the Battle Arena. (Though I would suggest waiting until you're level 80 or higher, just to make the battles easier.)

Maidame Curie tells you in order to talk to the priestess, you just need to show your Coupon to the Priest in Tenebrant City, which is southeast of the Guild, on the other side of Shawarl Checkpoint. So, Shawarl Checkpoint is your next destination.


After completing the tournament, these two subquests unlock (note: both quests are repeatable, but you can only accept one of them at a time.)