The Guild

Written by MSG Commander

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Maidame Curie

When you enter the Guild, you run into Isaac. Isaac tells you that Zig quit the Watchers, and said he was going off to look for Harvey.

After Isaac leaves, go due north and enter the large building in the center of the screen - the Guild Headquarters.

Here you meet Maidame Curie (yes, the same one from Dios and Menace!) who tells you that in order to enter the tournament, you first need to pass an "aptitude exam."

The aptitude exam requires that you go to the Training Ground north of the Guild, and defeat your examiners in battle. Once the dialogue ends, exit the Guild, watch the ridiculously long "Review" scene, and then go north to the Training Ground.

Exploring the Guild

Coin Exchange

The Coin Exchange allows you to use Coins earned in the Battle Arena to buy valuable items. (The Battle Arena will open just as soon you finish the guild tournament.)

Some of the more useful items at the exchange include:

  • Stuffed Bunny, Prickly Cactus, + Religious Treatises (all for raising a different girl's Trust Level)
  • Light, Shadow, and Void Jewel a (although you will find some in treasure chests throughout the game)'
  • Heavy Jewel (absolutely essential - equipping the Heavy Jewel is the only way to get to treasure chests behind arrow tiles)
  • Interrupt Jewel (needed to unlock the "random" battles in the Battle Arena)
  • Warehouse Key (for getting into Warehouses)

There's a lot more at the exchange, so you will want to look at everything they offer, but the items listed above are the ones I found particularly useful.

Gem Collector

There's a Gem Collector here who will trade 6 Transparent Gems for a Gold Jewel.


  • Luck Tablet x3 - located in the southwest corner of town (below the Weapon Shop)
  • Float Jewel - located west of the Weapon Shop
  • Light Rod +20 (VIT 22% INT 20%) - located in the northeast corner of town (past the Warehouse)
  • Woolly Baghnak +32 (HP Recovery 12% SPD 12% Sleep 12% Virus 10%) - located in the west side room in guild headquarters
  • Romancing Sword +20 (MP Recovery 10% Idle 12% Poison 26%) - located in a secret passage in the east side room in guild headquarters
  • Delete Fossil - located in a secret passage in the east side room in guild headquarters

Warehouse Treasure

  • Dragon Slayer +20 (Swoon 20% Virus 20% Gnome 20%)
  • Mighty Mini Jewel
  • Lucky Mitten +16 (Critical 40%, Paralysis 40%, HP Regen 38%, Gold 30%)

Learnable Skills

Talk to the Tenebrant Soldier in the guild headquarters to learn Charge.

Note: He'll only teach you his skill if you've already learned Transform from the soldier in Luminia Castle.

Makra Port ~ Guild

No. Name Skills
100 Flaxen Fairy 3-Shot, Random Shot, Eternal Song
254 Polka Mare Ram
261 Pup-in-a-Barrel Scratch, BG Absorb
306 Squall Sauria Slash, Double Slash

Learnable Skill Reward

Talk to the Tenebrant Soldier in the Guild who taught you Charge on your first playthrough. He'll give you Ability Seed x2.