Skills and Magic

Written by MSG Commander

This game uses Skills, Magic, Enemy Skills and Magic, Trust Charge, and Beat Combos.


Skills are learned as a character levels up, and use BG. Each character has their own skill set; however, Lucile can learn the skills of all other party members (simply use the skill on Lucile in battle, and she will learn it.)


Magic is broken up into 3 different elements: Light, Shadow and Void. Magic can be learned by equipping an Elemental Jewel (for example, Light Jewel B lets the character learn all Light magic up to rank 50, while Light Jewel a lets them learn Light magic to rank 99.) By raising more than one Element (i.e. Light and Shadow, or Light, Shadow, and Void), that character can learn "Special" magic.

Harvey, Amelia, and Olivia each have their own element, which they can learn, and use, without the need for an Elemental Jewel. However, in order to use magic in the other elemental classes, they must have the appropriate Jewel equipped. The Attribute Jewel will allow a character to learn all magic, but MP usage increases by x1.5. The Access Jewel will allow all learned magic to be used, but you cannot learn any new magic.

Lucile can learn all magic by having a character cast the spell on her in battle.

Enemy Skills and Magic

Lucile can learn skills and magic from random enemies and bosses. You simply need to have the enemy use the skill or spell on Lucile in battle. (Sometimes easier said than done; however Lucile has some skills that increase the odds of enemies attacking her. Additionally, if you set Lucile at the head of your Formation, it will make it more likely for enemies to target her as well.)

There are also a handful of skills that Lucile can learn by talking to NPCs in different locations (these skills will be noted in the location walkthrough.)

Trust Charge

When the Trust Gauge reaches 100%, you can use a Trust Charge to quickly turn the tide in battle. Each character has their own Trust Charge ability:

Beat Combo

Beat Combos allow you to set multiple skills and magic in one "combo" attack using BG.

(For example, one of the Beat Combos I've set up for Lucile is Paralysis Wave, which paralyzes all enemies, and Dark Inferno, which reduces all enemies HP and MP to 1 [except Bosses]. Another one is Contradiction Wave, which dispels all parameter effects, and Heal All 3, which restores a large amount of HP to All.)

In a Beat Combo, each skill or spell uses a set amount of BG. As you increase in levels, your maximum allotment of BG increases (up to 9), allowing you to select more powerful abilities. The right Beat Combo at the right time can have a huge impact.