Skill List

Written by 3beez

Lv Name Target Description BG
-- Twin Edge Vanguard Single Attacks 2 times by slashing. 2
6 Ariel Slash Vanguard Single Unleashes a sharp attack. Damage to aerial targets up. 1
12 Triple Strike Vanguard Single Attacks with 3 continuous strikes. 3
20 Charge Slash Vanguard Single Attacks with an intense strike after charging. If damage received before unleashing, it will fail. 3
30 Falling Slash Single An attack that strikes down a target. Damage to aerial targets up. 4
40 Quituple Strike Vanguard Single Attacks with 5 continuous strikes. 5
55 Sonic Rave Row Attacks with a quick piercing move. The greater the SPD, the greater the strength. 7
75 Deca-Shaft Single Attacks quickly 10 times. 9
99 Dragon Slayer Single Attacks with a dragon-extincting secret art. Damage to dragon-class targets up. 7
128 Concentrated Slash All Attacks with a body and soul focused slash. Rebound causes Max HP to decrease by 10%. 9
Lv Name Target Description BG
-- Hit Single Attacks with a hard smack down. Occasionally, paralysis. 1
6 Pray All Random party member's single parameter 2 ranks up. 2
12 Swing Column Attacks by swinging a rod wildly about. Occasionally, sleep. 3
20 HP & MP Drain Single Attacks with one's might. 1/2 damage dealt restored as HP & 1/10 as MP. 4
30 Bad Prayer Column Countdown from 3-5. (Boss+: X) 5
40 Flail All Randomly attacks 4-6 times with a rod. 8
55 Distribute Single Attacks with one's might. Damage dealt distributed to party as HP & 1/10 as MP. 9
75 Virgin Fist Single Strikes with the fist of a pure girl. Occasionally, all abnormal status. 6
99 Sensation Song All Allies / All Enemies
  • All Allies: Restores 1/2 Max HP.
  • All Enemies: Causes to face rear. Occasionally, confusion.
  • Note: you can't force bosses to face the rear.
128 Spread Love All Allies Restores HP, MP; cures abnormal status; all parameters 1 rank up and revives if swoon. (Except countdown.) 9
Lv Name Target Description BG
-- Reduce Edge Row Shreds with a sharp slash. DEF 1 rank down. 2
-- Stun Cut Column Attacks with a heavy slash. Delays turn. 2
12 Heaven Rises Column Attacks with divine power. Changes float status. 3
20 Murder Rate Single Causes damage equal to current HP. 4
30 Triple Edge Column Agilely slashes 3 times. 6
40 Soul Steal Column Reduces HP to 1 at a specific rate and distributes difference to the party as HP. (Boss+: X) 7
55 Hunting Season Column Attacks based on HP tens digit. 5
75 Shadow Blessing Column Attacks with a dark slash. Occasionally, gnome. 5
99 Scarlet Requiem Column Hews with a blade 8 times to quell a soul. 8
128 Sorrow Ataroth All Attacks based on HP ones digit x2. 9
Lv Name Target Description BG
-- Hit Me Self Damage received restored as HP for 2 turns. However, restoring HP causes damage. (Except rebound & poison.)  2
-- Beckon Single Causes to use skills when possible for 5 turns. 1
-- Whistle Single Causes to use support skills when possible for 5 turns and 70% chance target is self. (With exception.) 1
-- Call Self Extremely high chance of being targeted by enemy for 4 turns. 1
* Steal Single Steals a drop item at a specific rate. 1
* Mug Single Attacks and steals a drop item at a specific rate 2

Skills marked by a * in the Lv section can be learned from a certain NPC in the Hideout. (Once you learn Steal, exit the Hideout and come back, then talk to him again to learn Mug.)