Written by MSG Commander

01. Meals on Wheels

Client: Fanny

Location: Luminia City

Description: I think you can find my friend over at the Item Shop. Please make sure that food gets to her!

Reward: Treasure Searcher x2

02. Frog in the Ocean

Client: Daisy

Location: Pican Port

Description: I saw a frog swimming in the ocean! Really, I did! Now go find it for me so I show my mommy, okay?

Reward: Red Jewel x1

To find the frog, exit Pican Port and head west on the World Map until you see a blue shining star along the coast. Examine that star, and then take the frog back to Daisy to claim your reward.

03. Find Me If You Can

Client: Matthew

Location: Mashrowe Village

Description: Let's play hide-and-seek here in the village! I'll be the one hiding, so be sure you come and find me!

Reward: Yellow Jewel x1

Hiding Spots
  1. Southwest corner of town, below the Inn
  2. North part of town, behind the Weapon Shop
  3. West side of town, behind the trees next to the Inn

04. Monster Investigation

Client: Calvin

Location: Luminia Castle

Description: The monsters causing problems have been appearing around Luminia City. Characteristically speaking, they look like a squirrel, so please exterminate 5 of them.

Reward: Scratched Gem x1

Note: The "squirrel-like" monster you need to kill is the Furry Scurry.

05. Stolen Lures

Client: Fonzie

Location: Makra Port

Description: I've had 3 Lures stolen and I don't think those thieving felines that snatched them have left town, either! Do whatever it takes to get them back for me!

Reward: Wing Goods x3

Two of the cats are in town but not in buildings. One of the cats is in the library.

(This quest is repeatable.)

06. Edwin & Hannah

Client: Edwin

Location: Guild (available after winning the Guild Tournament)

Description: You can find Worms under the boulders here in town. Once you find 1, bring it back, so I can get Hannah with it!

Reward: Pickaxe x2

(This quest is repeatable.)

07. Hannah & Edwin

Client: Hannah

Location: Guild (available after winning the Guild Tournament)

Description: The elite over at the Guild Training Ground often carry Keniya Nuts. All I need is 1 to get Edwin back!

Reward: HP Seed x1 or MP Seed x1 (randomly selected by the game)

(This quest is repeatable.)

08. Lunchbox Left Behind

Client: Waldo

Location: Tenebrant City

Description: The lunchbox I'm missing should be in Shawarl Checkpoint. I'm positive that's where I left it. However, stronger and stronger monsters have been appearing there, so be careful!

Reward: Silhouette Jewel x1

The lunchbox - and the monster who's holding it - are in the room with the arrow tiles on the floor.

09. Monster Investigation 2

Client: Calvin

Location: Luminia Castle

Description: The monsters causing problems have been appearing in the ocean. Characteristically speaking, they look like a penguin, so please exterminate 8 of them.

Reward: Box Jewel x1

Note: In order to unlock this quest, you must first complete Subquest 04. Calvin appears in the same location in the castle for each Subquest.

10. Pet Hunters

Client: Marshall

Location: Mashrowe Village

Description: As for Meowie, he always takes a walk to Rhutti Mine and then comes back. If he is anywhere to be found, I imagine he would be there.

Reward: Boulder Jewel x1

11. Replacement Pole

Client: Susan

Location: Pican Port

Description: I want you to find me a Sturdy Branch in Ophir Woods. That's simple enough, right?

Reward: Target Jewel x1

12. Chick-O-Chicks

Client: Chick-O-Chicks

Location: Guild

Description: Be sure to hand out those Flyers in Luminia City, Pican Port, Mashrowe Village, Makra Port, Tenebrant City, and Naimhee Village, then come see me-pen!

Reward: Guard Jewel x1

13. Forgotten Lamps

Client: Cecil

Location: Hideout

Description: Remember, I left 3 Lamps in Muhnay Cave. Now would you hurry and go grab them for me?

Reward: Co-op Jewel x1

14. Extermination Order

Client: Bianca

Location: Rest Stop

Description: I would like to have you exterminate 15 Fluttering Sylphs. You can find them living in Gloamfel Ravine, but please be careful dealing with them.

Reward: SPD Seed x1 or VIT Seed x2 (randomly chosen by the game)

(This quest is repeatable.)

15. Meat Lover's Dream

Client: Saty

Location: Naihmee Village

Description: Meat-- Meat--! MEEEAT! Bring me 10 Great Horn Meat from the Great Horns that roam near here before I go insane!

Reward: Lodestone (M) x2

16. Chick-O-Chicks 2

Client: Chick-O-Chicks

Location: Guild

Description: I'm ready to go whenever you are-pen! Just say the word and we can start sparring-pen!

Reward: Four-Leaf Clover x1

Subquests 17 - 20 are only available in New Game+

17. Missing Prince

Client: Lillia

Location: Tenebrant Castle

Description: If I could, I suggest you ask those here in the castle if they have seen Prince Laird here anywhere.

Reward: Protection Jewel x1

Note: To unlock this quest, you must first speak with Prince Laird in his room in the castle. After completing this quest, exit the castle and re-enter, then talk to Lillia to unlock quest 18.

18. Missing Prince 2

Client: Lillia

Location: Tenebrant Castle

Description: It is my belief Prince Laird most likely went to Shawarl Checkpoint. Now please be careful yourselves.

Reward: Trust Doubler Jewel x1

19. What Camilla Misplaced

Client: Minister, Nicholas

Location: Luminia Castle

Description: From what I understand, the Diary Camilla lost has a blue cover. It also appears to have been misplaced in the castle library. I ask you to find it for her without mentioning anything.

Reward: Transparent Jewel x1, Skill Doubler Jewel x1

20. Lost Trays

Client: Jolie Curie

Location: Forgotten Village

Description: Please gather the 12 Small Trays scattered around the world, okay? They have a tendency to resonate with living beings, so I expect they would be in either towns or castles.

Reward: Weed Gem x2

The Small Trays can be found by searching every town and castle, and/or talking to NPCs with an exclamation mark over their head. Specifically:

  • Luminia City, old man by the inn.
  • Luminia Castle, flowers on the left before entering Amelia's room
  • Pican Port, Lady in the inn.
  • Hideout, dude on left side of hideout.
  • Mashrowe, boy near Fabio's house
  • Makra Port, Guy beside right-most building (he will ask for a Keniya Nut in exchange, which drops from Elite Sorceress, in Training Ground.)
  • Guild, Jedi guy in the arena's left room
  • Tenebrant, Pinguin in the north of town (he will ask for Great Horn Meat in exchange, which drops from Great Horn, in Naihmee Village vicinity.)
  • Tenebrant Castle, Maid in the left room
  • Naihmee, In last cavehouse
  • Rest Stop, Cat. Meowzers!
  • Forgotten Village, In the room down the secret arena's right stairs

(Thanks to Dragnfly for compiling the list.)