Hints and Tips

Written by MSG Commander

Expanding the Mini Map

This game has a mini map for every town and dungeon. The map appears in the left hand corner, but you only get to see a little part of it at any time.

If you want to view the entire mini map for that screen, simply tap on the map one time to expand it to "full view."

As soon as you move (or tap on another menu icon), it will return to partial size, so expanding the map is only good for getting a sense of where you are on that screen, and how large the overall area actually is.

Changing the Difficulty

When you start a New Game, you're asked to choose a Difficulty setting. Most people will probably want to play on Easy or Normal, at least up until the Normal End or True End. (If you play the bonus material on Easy, you may be disappointed, but then it's all up to the player and what they want to get out of the game.)

Anyway, once you've started the game, you can change the difficulty at any time in System -> Option.

If you want to breeze through the arena battles, fight these on Easy after you're about 5-10 levels above the recommended level.

Premium Version - 1000 ADP Points

If you bought the Premium version of the game, it comes with 1,000 free APD. (If you got the Free version and pay to turn off the ads, you get 800 ADP as a bonus.)

You also earn some ADP throughout the game - although nowhere near that amount.

You can complete the game without buying anything from the ADP Shop, however there are certain items that will make the game easier, and since you get points for free, you might as well spend them.

I recommend you buy the Experience Orb, Skill Orb, Gold Orb, and ADP Orb. These orbs will double the amount of EXP, SP, Gold and ADP you earn in battle, and will make the game much easier.

You can also buy the Thief Orb, or the Weapon+ Ring - or you can save your remaining ADP for Tray Gems (which you will need in order to get the Maid Weapons after the Normal ending.)

Magic vs. Skill Use

As your party levels up, each member learns different skills. They also learn all the magic that corresponds to their specific element. Also, by equipping a Light Ring, Void Ring, or Shadow Ring, they can learn magic in those other elements.

This game also uses Unisons (two-person attacks). A Unison can be made from two skills at the same level, or from two magic spells at the same level. If you're playing on Easy, you don't need to worry too much about Unisons, but on harder difficulties Unison attacks will make Boss battles go much quicker.

Free Time / Trust Levels

Each party member has a "trust" level, which can be raised or lowered by giving them various items, and can further be raised by making the right selections each time you have "Free Time." At the end of the game (both Normal End and True End), there's a special scene that will include Izayoi and the person with the highest Trust Level. More details can be found here.

Upgrading Weapons

Raising your weapons Base ATK in this game is pretty straightforward - just tap on the "Upgrade" button, choose a character, and then tap on the weapon you want to improve. Now, select the weapons you want to "add" onto your base weapon, and when you've added enough, your Base ATK will increase.

Added effects are a little trickier. Basically, if you want to transfer an added effect to a new weapon, the effect you're transferring must be 50 or higher. (If it's not at least 50, it won't even show up as an option.) Also, you must have a free slot on the new weapon, to transfer the effect to.

If you want to improve an added effect, the effect must be on your base weapon, and another weapon in your inventory. On the weapon you're adding the effect from, it needs to be at least 10. For every 10 points on that weapon, 1 point will be added to the effect. (For example, STR 15 will "add" 1 point, STR 40 will add 4 points, etc.)

Barrel Busters

Barrel Busters is a sort of a lottery in the ADP Shop. Each time you play, you get a free weapon.

There are four levels: C, B, A and S.

Playing Barrel Busters Level C costs 1 Buster Ticket. Playing B, A and S cost ADP points. (I never spent ADP on Barrel Busters, but if you do, you supposedly get more powerful weapons than you can buy in any shop.)

You will earn/find a lot of Buster Tickets throughout the course of the game, so it's a good idea to play Barrel Busters pretty regularly. Early on, you have a good chance of winning weapons in Barrel Busters that are better than the weapons you'll find in treasure chests. Later, the extra weapons you win will be good for upgrading your "base" weapon.