Sprite Locations

Written by MSG Commander

Klaver Village - north of the Inn (appears after you get the Maid Tickets from Maidame Curie).

Yaupon Village - south of town, directly below the Items Shop.

Apricus Town - southwest corner of town.

Avence Town - northeast corner, above the Items Shop.

Mapel Village - east of the Items Shop (behind the trees).

Atlantica - in the Weapons Shop.

Island Chantey - west of the house.

Krokos Villa - southwest corner (behind the trees).

Fleur Ruins - this one is "found" automatically, in the normal course of exploring this dungeon.

Guild Camp - below the Inn.

Spoiler - The Eleventh Sprite

* Once you've found all 10 sprites, there's an 11th sprite to be found. Go back to the Forgotten Village, and talk to Atia in front of the Weapons Shop.

Atia will give you a reward for delivering all the Maid Tickets, then tell you that there's still one missing Sprite somewhere on the World Map.

You'll get 1 Maid Ticket, which Atia asks you to give to the Sprite, Marie.

Marie is located on the World Map where Izayoi's head is pictured below (in a spot that can only be reached by boat):

Last Sprite