Trust Levels and Special Endings

Written by MSG Commander

Asdivine Dios has two endings - a Normal End, and a True End.

Each ending also has optional "special" scenes involving the girls, which can only be unlocked after achieving the Normal End - A Deity's Legend, or True End - He Who Watches Over The World.

It is not necessary to unlock these special endings to beat the game, but it's still fun, and it doesn't really require TOO MUCH extra effort.

Normal End "Special Endings"

After you've achieved the Normal End - A Deity's Legend, you'll be prompted to save your data, and then return to the title screen. If you continue from this point, the game will put you back in Yggdrasil - Heart, just before the final boss battle.

To unlock the special endings, a couple of things have to happen:

First, you must raise one girl's Trust Level to 85.

Now, you have to fight the final boss again, and after the battle is over choose the first option: "We accept Adusk."

Now after the end credits, you'll see a bonus scene with the girl who has the highest Trust Level.

After that scene, return to the title (do NOT save the game), reload your data, raise the next girl's Trust Level, and then repeat the process.

You'll have to do this a total of three times in order to see the Normal special endings for each girl.

True End "Special Endings"

There are actually 4 True End "special" ending scenes - one for each girl by herself, and one for all three girls together.

For these, you must raise the girls' Trust Levels to 100.

How to Raise (and Lower) Trust Levels

There are 4 items in the game that can be used to change trust levels. These items can be found hidden in treasure chests, as rewards from battles, and can be purchased with Guild Coins in the Arena Exchange.

Here is a brief guide on how each one effects Trust Levels:

Four Leaf Clover: +20 to any one girl's Trust Level

(Special thanks to seuman and Azyleo, for compiling this information.)