Apricus Town

Written by MSG Commander

Apricus Town is south of Bachlag Pass.

When you enter town, you're greeted by Maidame Curie's little sister, Jolie Curie. While you're talking to Jolie, Maidame Curie shows up. She tells you that since you're not guild members, you can't accept any missions. (You can, however, enter the Battle Arena.)

After the Curie sisters leave, there's a short scene where the townspeople ask you to review Asdivine Dios. (Unfortunately, there's no way to skip this scene.)

Once the "review" scene is over, head to the guild and talk to the people there. They talk about jobs mining crystals in Nizana Quarry, and one of them mentions that if you want to go there, you need to talk to Jolie Curie. Izayoi believes that if he can get one of those crystals and infuse it with magic, he may be able to use it to call the Water Spirit. Jolie Curie says that since no one is currently working in Nizana Quarry, you're welcome to go there and search for a crystal.

At this point, Barrel Busters Level A is unlocked, as well as the Unison attacks.

Battle Arena

In the guild in Apricus Town, you can enter the Battle Arena where you can fight different monsters to earn Guild Coins and other fun prizes.

There are four different levels, or "Cups," in the Arena, and each Cup features an Easy, Normal, and Hard round of battles.

You must complete the Easy challenge in each Cup in order to unlock Normal, and Normal in order to unlock Hard. When you complete the Hard challenge, you unlock the next Cup.

The enemies and the rewards differ for each challenge, and each challenge can be repeated multiple times.

You can also exchange your Arena Coins for different items in the Exchange. The most important of these items is the Heavy Ring, which allows you to walk on arrow tiles. (Without the Heavy Ring, there will be several treasures you won't be able to get to. The Heavy Ring costs 700 Coins and can only be bought in the Exchange.)

You will eventually want to go through the Battle Arena - if nothing else, just to get the Heavy Ring, which enables you to walk across arrow tiles. However, you probably won't be able to get past the second round at this point, so it might be better to save the arena until you're stronger.

Exploring Apricus Town

There's a treasure on the docks on the east side of town, and another one behind a couple of trees in the southeast corner. There's also one in the northwest corner, and another in the southwest corner.

Also in the southwest corner, there's a Sprite, and a Gem Collector.

There's also a Suspicious Man in the southeast corner of town who will trade you 21 Guild Coins for 1 Flight Feather (however, you don't have any Flight Feathers at the moment, but if you want to trade with him in the future, it's good to remember that he's there.)

Talk to Ralph (near the entrance) to unlock Quest 03.

As you're leaving Apricus Town, the game cuts to a scene with Odium and the Earth Spirit engaging in battle.

When you're done here, your next destination is Nizana Quarry.