Written by MSG Commander

When you get back on your boat to return to Apricus, the rudder's not working. As you try to fix it, Iris accidentally breaks it completely off, leaving your boat at the mercy of the winds. The winds blow you to Atlantica - the spirit town at the bottom of the ocean. (More specifically, you wake up in the house of Kahuna, Atlantica's chief affairs officer.)

After the dialogue, head for the central room to speak with Kahuna.

Kahuna tells you that Aqua has shut herself up in Priya Temple, and when the sprites went to investigate, several of them mysteriously disappeared. Kahuna suspects that Aqua is sending anyone who approaches the temple to Curme Ruins - and the ruins are overrun by monsters. Worse, the entrance to the ruins is sealed.

Kahuna and his fellow sprites are completely powerless to help Aqua, so Izayoi agrees to rescue her, and says he wants to check out Priya Temple. The temple is east of Atlantica.

Get the treasure in the southwest corner of Kahuna's house, then exit his house to enter the town proper. There's another treasure in the southwest corner of town, and one in the northwest corner (next to the Inn). There's also one to the west of the pentacle in the town center.

There's a lost Sprite in the Weapons Shop. (This Sprite runs the Equipment Shop in Forgotten Village.)

There's also a Gem Collector in the Inn who will trade 5 Gold Gems for a Nonskill Arkstone.

When you're ready, step on the pentacle to leave town, and enter the Undersea. There's a scene with a couple of sprites and Aqua at the temple, and then you're free to explore the ocean floor.