Avence Town

Written by MSG Commander

Avence Town is north of the Bridge.

When you enter the town, you find out that there are strange rumors about the Toronko Ruins, and that someone has seen a giant tree growing in the area. You also learn that you can't enter the Toronko Ruins without getting permission from Mayor Avarus.

Go to the Mayor's house in the northwest corner. Here you find out that the Mayor's son is the one who claims to have seen a giant tree, but the Mayor thinks he made it all up to get attention. When you ask the Mayor for permission to enter the ruins, he thinks you're after the treasure inside, and tells his maid to throw you out.

Even though you couldn't get permission, Izayoi is still determined to enter the ruins. The Toronko Ruins are southeast of Avence Town, but if you try to go straight there, the guard won't let you in. In order to get inside, you first need to visit the guard's Mom's house in Avence Town. Her home is in the southeast corner of town.

Once you've had Esurient's Mother's cooking, you can go to Toronko Ruins, and you will be able to get in now.

Exploring Avence Town

There's a treasure in Esurient's Mother's house, and another one outside the house in the southwest corner.

Talk to Elsa next to Esurient's Mother's house to unlock Quest 04, and Morel (next to the lamppost) to unlock Quest 05.

There's another treasure next to the building south of Morel, and three more in the Inn.

There's a Sprite in the northeast corner above the Items Shop. (And, this Sprite just happens to run the Fogotten Village Items Shop after you send him there.)