Forgotten Village pt. 2

Written by MSG Commander

Maidame Curie greets you in the Forgotten Village. She tells you that in your current state, the sprites and spirits don't recognize you as the deity of Asdivine (but that's okay, because you can't see any of them anyway), and she gives you a Weed Donut to deliver to her sister in Apricus Town.

Go to Apricus. When you enter the town, nobody notices Izayoi. It's as if he's completely invisible to everyone in this world. Go to the guild to deliver the Weed Donut to Jolie Curie. Jolie mentions that even she can only barely sense your existence. After you give her the donut, you decide to go back and talk to Maidame Curie again.

Go back to the Forgotten Village and talk to Maidame Curie in the Inn. Izayoi asks how he can get himself and his companions back, and secure the future of this world. Maidame Curie says that when your soul was shattered, the girls each absorbed a piece of it. In order to get the pieces back, though, you have to visit each of the girls in their past. Curie prepares a pentacle for you to reach Iris's past.


I'm choosing not to include information in the walkthrough on the next couple of locations (visiting the girls in the past). There are just too many spoilers, and besides, each one is pretty short and straightforward.

Once you've collected all three Soul Fragments, Maidame Curie uses her magic to force the rest of your soul back into your body. In doing so, she reclaims the power inside Adusk! The girls return, and Izayoi fills them in on what happened.

Lamerick's Secret

After the dialogue, go outside the Inn and talk to Lamerick.


Lamerick tells you the true tale of what happened to the village that was destroyed. As monsters invaded the village, Odium showed up and told the people to go to the spirit tree for protection. Meanwhile he defeated all the monsters in the village. After he leaves, Lamerick sees two suspicious men enter the village, and talk about looting all the homes. But one of the monsters kills the two men.

The game cuts to the people at the spirit tree. Lamerick tries to protect them, but the monsters are too strong. They kill the people, and when Odium arrives to find everyone dead, that's when he becomes evil.

After all Izayoi has just been through, he decides he's not going to try to stop Odium - but he does need to retrieve his sword, and restore the levels of murk within Odium to their natural state. Ventus appears and tells you that Keith is currently tracking Odium. Keith is at the Guild Camp on Kameria Island, which is southeast of the Forgotten Village.

Maid Tickets Reward

When the dialogue ends, and if you've handed out all the Maid Tickets, talk to the Sprite, Atia, in front of the Weapons Shop. She'll give you a reward from Maidame Curie - Life Seed x10.

Your next destination is the Guild Camp.