Forgotten Village

Written by MSG Commander

The Forgotten Village is north of Klaver Village. To get there, first talk to Maidame Curie on the World Map, then just keep following her and talking to her, and she'll lead you straight there.

Maidame Curie welcomes you to the Forgotten Village, and then she asks you to help find her lost companions. She tells you all of them are wearing maid outfits, so they should be easy to spot. She also says you can do it alongside your own quest.

Izayoi agrees to Maidame Curie's request on one condition - he wants to use the Forgotten Village as a gathering place for stray Sprites. Maidame Curie then gives you Maid Ticket x10. Each Maid Ticket will automatically transport one Sprite to the Forgotten Village.

Maidame Curie explains that while the buildings in the Forgotten Village are all in place, she needs you to find her friends (as well as your stray Sprites) in order to man the shops. Once she leaves, you can explore the town.

Exploring the Forgotten Village

In the Inn (which is the only building that's open at the moment), there's a secret passage that leads to Buster Ticket x2.

In the northwest corner of town there's a Gem Collector, who offers to trade a Break+ Ring for 5 Mossy Gems. There's also a treasure chest with a Leather Knuckle +12 inside.

Next to the Weapons Shop is the Sprite, Atia. Atia tells you that Sprites hide if they get anxious, and you should look for them in towns where no monsters come.

South of the Weapons Shop, there's another treasure, and below that, a maid who will sell you 3,330 Guild Coins for 54,890,000 Gold! (You could conceivably have that much Gold by the end of the game.)


Back to Klaver Village

That's all you can do here for now, so when you're ready, leave the Forgotten Village and go back to Klaver Village. Sinker is done repairing the ferry, and is now willing to take you where you need to go. Your next location is Granum Mountain.

Before you leave Klaver Village, locate the Sprite north of the Inn and give her a Maid Ticket.