Island Chantey

Written by MSG Commander

Island Chantey is on an island in the south-central part of the World Map.

When you arrive at the Island Chantey, Aerwyna meets you there, and tells you she's fixed your boat and it's waiting for you right outside. Izayoi says you should go outside and see what's going on in the world while you've been under the ocean.

Go outside the house, and Ventus shows up to tell you what's been happening on the surface. He says most of the sprites in Asdivine have been attacked, and a lot of animals have been turned into monsters. He says the guild has been trying to exterminate the monsters, but they can't keep up.

Izayoi asks about Odium, but Ventus doesn't know anything about his current whereabouts. But, he has heard reports that Keith Glory is tracking Odium - and the last place where Keith was spotted is on the eastern continent where Ignis lives.

Ventus also tells you that while you were gone, he planted wild flowers in various regions, and soon you should be able to use them to travel.

After the dialogue, you can explore the Island Chantey. (Also at this point, Barrel Busters Level S is unlocked.)

There's one treasure outside the house (on the east side), and one treasure inside the house (on the west side).

There's a Sprite to the west of the house.

When you're ready, leave the Island Chantey, and sail to the island in the northeast corner of the World Map.