Klaver Village

Written by MSG Commander

Klaver Village is just north of Folia Woods.

When you enter the village, all the townspeople come out to greet Iris. She tells them she's there to see Sinker. Then the townspeople start to gossip about the strange young man with Iris. They say that Sinker is out at the moment, and suggest you meet with Chief Oswald instead.

Enter the home in the north of town to talk with Chief Oswald. Iris tells him she wants to use Sinker's ferry, but unfortunately the ferry is not available just now. Sinker has gone to look for materials to repair the ferry, and meanwhile the shed where he stores his tools is being haunted! Iris volunteers to go investigate the ghost in Sinker's shed.

The shed is in the southwest corner of town. There's a Sprite in the shed named Lamerick, and it's one that Izayoi knows well. Lamerick's tree has been damaged, and he's stranded here without a home.

Another Deity?

Maidame Curie
Meeting Maidame Curie

As you're talking to Lamerick, a mysterious woman appears. Apparently, she's a deity from another world - Maidame Curie.

Maidame Curie wants to set up her own village in Izayoi's world, where she can relax for awhile.

Izayoi gives his permission, as long as no humans can see her village. But, she has to take Lamerick with her and keep him safe.

Get the treasure in here, and then go back to Chief Oswald.

Now that the ghost is gone, the chief promises to have Sinker make the repairs as soon as he gets back.

After you leave the chief's home, Maidame Curie appears again.

Her village is all set up, and she wants you to come see it. She says she'll be waiting for you outside, but before you go to meet her, take some time to explore the town.

Other Things To Do in Klaver

There's a secret passage in the Inn, leading to a Maintenance Ring.

In the northwest corner of town, you get your first Sub Quest from Allen the cidermaker.

Next to Sinker's shed, there's a Weapon Erudite. He asks if you've ever obtained a weapon with a +10 level and Poison +10%. He then explains how to upgrade your weapons. (His explanation, though, is rather confusing.)

When you're ready, exit the town and talk to Maidame Curie. Follow her across the World Map until her village appears.