Krokos Villa

Written by MSG Commander

Land Here
Land here and walk north to reach Krokos Villa.

From the Island Chantey, sail to the northeast continent, and get off the boat at the southern tip. Go north to reach Krokos Villa.

When you enter the villa, there's a scene in a dungeon somewhere with some animals and some moomies. Odium and Adusk enter, and Adusk turns all the animals into monsters.

Odium and Adusk search the area for signs of a spirit tree, and a mysterious voice tells them the tree that used to live here died a century ago.

Then Keith shows up. Keith realizes that Odium and Adusk are the cause of the recent incidents - not Izayoi. Keith and Odium face off against each other, and then the game cuts back to Krokos Villa.

Enter the Inn/Weapons Shop/Item Shop. Inside, Hannah and Edwin tell you that Keith spent the night there last night, and that he was looking for an old tree. They think he was headed for the Fleur Ruins.

Hannah and Edwin have the key to get into the ruins. Freya tells them that you're with the guild, and they agree to give you the key tomorrow morning.

Free Time

Talk to the girls to raise their Trust Levels.

For Minerva, choose "Why don't you try yourself?"
For Iris, choose "Why not?"
For Freya, choose "It's a beautiful red."

Then go back to the Inn, and turn in for the night.

The next morning, Hannah gives you the Fleur Ruins Key. The Fleur Ruins are northwest of Krokos Villa.