Loading from save data

Written by MSG Commander

After reaching the Normal End, you can reload your save data to unlock additional content.

The first time you load your save data, the game puts you back in Yggdrasil - Heart, just before the final boss battle. In order to progress beyond this point, you'll have to beat the boss again.

After the battle, you'll be given two choices: accept the situation, or look for another way.

If you choose to accept the situation, you can unlock the girl's special endings, provided that you've met the other requirements. For more details on this see Trust Levels and Special Endings.

If you choose to look for another way, the game will continue and you can now play through to the True End and beyond.

(I'm not going to include a lot of story details in this part of the walkthrough, because I don't want to give things away, and because at this point I figure most people are more interested in the dungeon maps, Boss battle strategies, and other things of that nature.)

Once you finish the battle and choose "another way," exit Yggdrasil and watch the scenes that unfold. In order to get back in to Yggdrasil after you've been locked out, you need to first open the four magic founts in Asdivine, and tap into their power.

Izayoi also says you should apprise Keith of the situation, so your first step is to go speak with him in the Guild Camp.

Exit Yggdrasil completely, and then fly to the Guild Camp and talk to Keith.

The founts you need to open are located in Mount Ramah, Priya Temple, Toronko Ruins, and Selman Grove.

You can't fly to Mount Ramah, so you'll need to fly to the Forgotten Village, and then take your boat.

(But first, pay a visit to the Forgotten Village and get two Maid Weapons.)