Mapel Village

Written by MSG Commander

From Mount Ramah, sail south, and go past the eastern edge of the continent that Toronko Ruins is on. You'll come to a maelstrom in between two continents, that you can't pass, but that Aqua says she can get rid of, if you're willing to wait a day or so. She tells you that someone from Mapel Village seems to have dropped a locket in the ocean, and she wants you to go wait in that town and see if you can return the locket to its owner.

After the dialogue ends, sail just a little bit to the northeast (just past the mountain range) and then get off the boat and walk to Mapel Village.

When you enter Mapel Village, go to the chief's home in the northwest corner. As it turns out, the locket belongs to the chief, Helen. (And, it was never lost - Helen threw it into the ocean to forget the person who gave it to her.)

Helen tells you that about four months ago, a small village was destroyed by monsters, and everyone in the village was killed. The locket you returned belonged to a man in that village.

As a token of gratitude for returning her locket, Helen invites you to spend the night at the Inn.

Free Time

Talk to the girls to raise their Trust Levels.

For Minerva, choose "Don't be so down on yourself."
For Iris, choose "Try apologizing."
For Freya, choose "Thanks for all your hard work."

When you're done, go back to the Inn and go to the second floor to rest for the night.

Learning About Love

In the middle of the night, Freya walks in on Izayoi sitting at a table, reading a book about love. Izayoi says he reading about love because he wants to understand humans better. Freya says the best way to understand love is to experience it for yourself. Izayoi goes outside, and tells Minerva there's something he wants to show her. He tells Minerva to look in the chief's window, where she sees Iris using her magic to help a newborn Moomie.

Iris's prayer for the Moomie helps to dissipate the murk forming around the human who found the Moomie, and felt unable to help, thereby saving the Moomie from being turned into a monster (while also saving the human from creating anymore murk). Apparently, Iris is the only one at present who's figured out how to dissipate the murk in this manner. This helps Minerva to see Iris in a more positive light.

At this point, Freya appears and says she heard about a suspicious duo peering into the chief's window. Everyone goes back to the Inn, and the game cuts to the next morning. Minerva says the maelstrom has been handled, and you should be good to resume your journey now.

Exploring Mapel Village

When all the dialogue is finally over, go back to the Inn, and go through the secret passage on the east side. Take the stairs to the second floor, to a room with a Moomie and three treasures. Go back to the first floor, and take the stairs on the west side of the Inn up to the second floor. There's a Gem Collector here who offers to trade 5 Bronze Gems for a SP Ring.

There's another treasure outside the Inn, in the southeast corner, and another on the east side of the chief's home.

Talk to Sophie next to the Inn to unlock Quest 07.

There's also a Sprite behind the trees east of the Item Shop.

When you're done here, go get back in your boat and sail to the southern coast of the main continent.