Mount Ramah magic fount

Written by MSG Commander


When you enter Mount Ramah, Ignis appears and opens the way to the magic fount. Step on the pentacle to enter the magic fount area.

On the first screen, Maidame Cuire appears and asks you to find her maid, Assistia. She also tells you about 4 signposts in Asdivine, that each have a boss and a legendary weapon. (You can go for the legendary weapons now, but it's actually better to wait until after you've opened all the founts.)

After the dialogue, go west to get a treasure, then follow the path to the second screen.

On the second screen, there are a few treasures you can only get to if you have a Heavy Ring (and if you don't have a Heavy Ring by this point, go back to the Arena and get one!)

When you get to the Recovery point, save your game (and if you've changed the Difficulty, put it back on Normal for the upcoming Boss battle.)

Boss Battle

Maid Broomia


On Normal difficulty, you can Auto this battle if you want to.

(In fact, I did, so if you want a strategy you'll have to work one out on your own.)

After the battle, Broomia disapppears, and Izayoi opens the fount.

Get the treasure here on the west side of the screen - but before you open the blue treasure on the east, be warned: there's a monster waiting inside!

Boss Battle (Well, sort of)

Chaosback Chelonia


This battle cannot be fought on Auto... (Yes, I tried. Yes, I died.)

Chaosback Chelonia uses Mirage Body, which temporarily reflects physical damage, so you'll want to use magic skills and unisons.

(If you don't have any good magic unisons, that's fine; the battle will just take longer.)

I used a lot of Catastrophe, Shadow Corona, Galaxy X, Meteor, and a few magic unisons...

Eventually, Mirage Body will wear off, and then you can use your break skills if you want.

Do your best to keep everyone alive for this battle (and be sure to equip the armor as soon as the battle's over!)

Now, exit Mount Ramah and head to Priya Temple to open the next fount.

Mount Ramah fount


  • T1 - Unison Arkstone
  • T2 - Ballista Saber +48 (MP 13% MP Recovery 10% Confusion 20%)
  • T3 - Break Chain Arkstone
  • T4 - Broad Knuckle +68 (SPD 20% Fatigue 20% Steal 20%)
  • T5 - Tray Gem x2
  • T6 - Maid Gown