Priya Temple magic fount

Written by MSG Commander


First, you need to fly to the Island Chantey and teleport back to Atlantica. Then exit to the Undersea, and walk to Priya Temple.

When you enter Priya Temple, Aqua shows up to open the path to the fount. Step on the pentacle to enter the first screen.

Get all the treasure, and do your best to deal with the spikes. (Either float, time your steps, or just walk on them anyway and use the Heal button when you're past.)

At the end of the path, go through the secret passage to reach the exit to the second screen.

On the second screen, use the Recovery point and save your game (and again, put the difficulty on Normal for the Boss battles.)

Boss Battle

Maid Servia

(I'm not gonna lie, I Auto'd this battle as well.)

After the battle, Servia disapppears, and then Izayoi opens the fount.

Go west throught the secret passage to get a treasure, then come back and open the blue treasure north of the fount. (Warning: it's got another monster inside!)

Boss Battle

Chaosback Chelonia


Again, he uses Mirage Body, which reflects physical damage. So, it's all magic skills and unisons.

(Although, you should be several levels higher, so this battle will probably only last a few rounds.)

After this battle, your next destination is Toronko Ruins - but first, go back to the Forgotten Ruins and use the 3 Tray Gems you've got from treasure chests to get a third Maid Weapon!

Priya Temple fount


  • T1 - Alto Heal Matter x10
  • T2 - Quintuple Arkstone
  • T3 - Amazon Naginata +46 (HP Recovery 10% MP Recovery 10% Swoon 6% Critical 10%)
  • T4 - Guild Encyclopedia (Poison 18% Paralysis 18% Idle 16% Confusion 16%)
  • T5 - All Arkstone
  • T6 - Hitman Arkstone
  • T7 - Foxy Arkstone
  • T8 - Tray Gem
  • T9 - Maid Robe