Selman Grove

Written by MSG Commander

Land Here
Land your boat here, then walk northeast to Selman Grove

From Mapel Village, sail south between the two continents (the one with Toronko Ruins and the one with Mapel Village), and then go to the southwest edge of the main continent. Get off the boat and walk to the northeast.

First Screen

When you enter Selman Grove, the mini map shows five different areas, all on the same screen. (You start out in the north-central area.)

Go to the south, and when the path narrows, there's a treasure on the west side. Go further south and step on the pentacle - for some reason, the pentacle's not working the way it should (as in, it doesn't take you anywhere). Somehow, Selman Grove has been transformed into a maze.

The game cuts to a scene with Odium and Adusk. Odium says he's realized who Adusk really is, and why his powers continue to increase - but, of course, he doesn't tell us the secret... He swears again that soon, Izayoi will know what it means to lose everything, and the murk growing from his soul starts making him crazy again.

After this scene, step on the pentacle. It takes you to the area in the southwest corner of the mini map. There's a treasure in the southwest corner of this area, hiding behind the trees.

The next pentacle you come to has two pedestals next to it. At the moment, both pedestals are empty, and the pentacle's not working. If you place both Zephyr Pearls on the pedestals, the pentacle will take you to the exit. However, you can also just place one Zephyr Pearl at a time, and you'll be able to access the two small areas on the mini map.

First, place a Zephyr Pearl on the top pedestal and step on the pentacle. This takes you to the northwest area. Get the treasure here, then go back to the pentacle with the pedestals. Now remove the Zephyr Pearl from the top pedestal, and place one on the bottom pedestal. Now step on the pentacle, and you'll be transported to the southeast area.

Get the treasure here, then go back and place a Zephyr Pearl on both pedestals. Now step on the pentacle to reach the northeast area. Go north, and when the path opens back out, go west to get a treasure hiding in the trees. Now go north of that, and step on the pentacle to reach the second screen.

Second Screen

From the entrance, go due south to get a treasure. Now head for the southeast corner for another treasure. Now take the path to the far east. Use the Recovery point, Save your game, and then go further east to a scene with Keith and Furball.

Keith tells you that lately, people have been getting lost (and even going missing) in Selman Grove. Keith suspects this is Izayoi's doing, and Izayoi tries to set him right, but fails miserably. Now you get to fight Keith again.

Boss Battle

Keith and Furball
Keith and Furball

Keith and Furball


If you use Up you go! on Keith, it makes Lightning Arrow do x1.6 damage. Shadow Flare also seems to do really well. I recommend defeating Keith first, as he seems to do most of the serious damage.

This is another battle where it is essential that you watch everyone's health.

After the battle, Keith and Furball are unconscious.

Freya heals their wounds, and calls some sprites to watch over them until they awaken.

Take the path all the way to the east, and when it turns to the north, follow that path to another treasure. Now, take the exit to the third screen.

Third Screen

This screen is a little bit crazy (but not nearly as bad as Mount Ramah).

Start out going east, and the first time the path splits, go east. When this path splits, go north to get one treasure, then go back and go south to get one more.

Now go back to the main path, and go north.

The second time the path splits, go to the northwest. Take the first path to the east, which leads to a treasure basically in the center of the third screen. Now go back and take the path further to the west. When this path splits, go north to get one treasure, and then go south to get one more.

Now go back to the main path, and go east.

The third time the path splits, go west to get a treasure that's hidden behind some trees at the very end of the path. Now, go back to the main path and go north.

The fourth time the path splits, go south to get a treasure. Then, go back to the main path, and take the exit in the north-central part of the screen to a side room with one treasure.

Now go back to the third screen, and when the path splits for the fifth time, go to the northwest to get another treasure. Now go back to the main path and go to the southwest.

The sixth and final time that the main path splits, go south to get a treasure, then go north to exit to the fourth screen.

Fourth Screen

On the fourth screen, use the Recovery point, Save your game, then go north for a Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Bad Moomies

One-Winged Moomie, Sooty Moomie, Snowy Moomie


If you thought the random Moomies in here were difficult, just wait.

All of these Moomies have really nasty attacks, and one of them (at least) is able to cast Gnome on your party, shrinking a character down and making it so they can't use break skills, and any physical attack is basically useless. (You can fix it though with a Growth Mushroom.)

I used Knuckle sandwich, This will hurt, Look above, Meteor, Shadow Corona, Holy - I hit these guys with all the strongest stuff I had, and still I wasn't sure I was ever going to win this battle.

After the battle, Ventus is safe (and madly in love with Iris).

Ventus tells you that Odium showed up here quite some time ago, while you were going through Bachlag Pass.

Ventus was the first elemental spirit Odium attacked - and without realizing it, he was also the one who told Odium that there were other elemental spirits, and that they had a master. But, he never told him about the magic founts (not that we know what those are yet, either).

Ventus reveals that the only reason he survived against Odium is because one of his sprites - Nash - fooled Odium and lead him to attack his tree instead of Ventus'. But now, Nash is gone. Ventus returns Izayoi's magic, and now Izayoi feels ready to go track down Odium. To find information about Odium's whereabouts, Izayoi wants to ask around at the guild.

After you leave the Selman Grove, Keith wakes up. Astonished that his wounds are completely healed, he starts to question whether or not Izayoi really is evil. He decides that the only way to really know is to find out for himself, and goes off in search of your party.

Now get on your boat and start sailing toward Apricus Town.

Selman Grove


  • T1 - Zephyr Pearl
  • T2 - Zephyr Pearl
  • T3 - Alto Heal Matter x2
  • T4 - Estoc +30 (Confusion 16% Rage 13% MP Recovery 10%)
  • T5 - HP Seed x6
  • T6 - Life Seed x2
  • T7 - Rusty Gem
  • T8 - Iron Glove +6 (INT 12% Countdown 10% Gnome 10%)
  • T9 - Invigorate Arkstone
  • T10 - Bronze Gem
  • T11 - Charge Pudding x3
  • T12 - Heal Pudding x4
  • T13 - Medium Pike +16 (Idle 12% VIT 30% Steal 5%)
  • T14 - Magic Pudding x3
  • T15 - Charge Honey x3
  • T16 - Casting Arkstone
  • T17 - Magic Picture Book +26 (MP Recovery 34% STR 20% HP 20% MP 20%)
  • T18 - Maid's Brew x2