The Bridge

Written by MSG Commander

After the scene with the Water Spirit, you need to go to the southeast continent to search for the Earth Spirit. To get there, you need to go across the Bridge. (The Bridge has its own location on the World Map, but no official name.)

When you reach the bridge, there are two Suspicious Men standing in front of it. They tell you if you want to cross, you'll have to pay them 1,000,000,000 Gold! Choose "Cross without paying the toll" in order to keep the game moving. Just as Izayoi is preparing to protect Freya from being taken by the men, Keith and Furball show up.

Keith tells the Suspicious Men to run away (thinking he's protecting the innocent), and then, you get to fight him.

Boss Battle

Keith and Furball
Keith and Furball

Keith and Furball


Keith has the capability to do some serious damage, so focus on taking him down first. Unfortunately, you also have to hurt cute little innocent Furball...

After the battle, you explain to Keith that the men he was trying to protect were actually the bad guys in this scenario. Keith asks Izayoi about the murk - which means that he's able to see it, too. Keith asks Izayoi if he's involved with what's going on in the world, and Izayoi says yes. Keith misinterprets Izayoi's response, and assumes that he is evil, after all. He vows to arrest your entire party the next time you meet.

After Keith leaves, Freya says you should go to Avence Town to the northeast to try and find more information about the Earth Spirit.